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The thatched-roof hut on the beach might look like paradise, but this tropical spinner has something else in mind. You’ll be at the mercy of mighty island winds on this gut-cranking spin coaster. The beautiful murals of Polynesian paradise set the scene for balmy adventure, but those tropical storms can kick up without warning and send you zooming around. Giant green arms grab onto each car of the long train that’s surrounding paradise on a short circular track.

Well, they must be running a special on hula lessons today, because all of a sudden the whole train begins to travel round and round the center track, making your whole body wave about! The world zooms past you in a blur of lights and palm trees.

Hang onto your seat for the centrifugal spin of a lifetime! You’ll accelerate to a mind-scrambling speed, moving so fast you’ll be stuck to the chair, or to your friend sitting right next to you, whichever comes first. Next time, wear a grass skirt!

Family Ride
Thrill Level

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Location in Park: 

Rockville near Rockville Theater



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