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Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England
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Jingle Bell Junction at Six Flags New England

Jingle Bell Junction

The Old West always knew how to celebrate the holidays in wild fashion! Jingle Bell Junction is home to a jollified display of red, green, and gold lights that’ll send your steer rollicking. Warm up with a s’more at one of our fire pits, or slick down a six-shooter coffee.

When it comes to the naughty list, Chestnut and Cole are dangerously close to finding their names right at the top. These elves originally worked for Lumenessa in the stables tending the horses, but, one day they kicked up such a fuss with their dancing and carols that they scared the poor horses out into a storm. Santa quickly relocated them to his workshop, where they broke more than they built. Next, Mrs. Claus took them on in the kitchen, where they burnt more than they baked. Finally, Santa gave them the perfect job that put their rambunctious energy to good use: he made them his chief Reindeer Wranglers. They spend their nights in Jingle Bell Junction training and corralling loose reindeer and singing carols by the fire. Chances are, you’ll hear ‘em before you see ‘em!

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Jingle Bell Junction

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