Six Flags New England
Coaster Capital of New England

Family Rides

Family fun is what we're all about at Six Flags. So get ready to let loose and laugh. From the highest heights to the gentlest adventures, we've got plenty of rides you can enjoy together.

  • Children on a carousel

    Main Street

    Minimum Height: None with adult

    Step back in time and choose your horse on this restored classic carousel, a favorite for all ages since 1909.

  • Balloon Race Ride

    North End near Flashback

    Minimum Height: None with adult

    Whirl through the sky over the North End of town on this revolving hot air balloon float-a-thon.

  • Guest in Blizzard River raft

    North End near Pandemonium

    Minimum Height: 36" - 42" with adult

    Your entire crew will get drenched by the icy waters of this authentic white-water rafting experience!

  • Guest enjoying CATWOMAN's Whip coaster

    DC SUPERHEROES Adventure

    Minimum Height: 41" with adult

    Feline thrills await on this whip-shaped family coaster that hisses down a long 1,181-foot course.

  • Guests on Kontiki


    Minimum Height: 42"

    Stormy winds take over paradise as you zoom around a high-speed track at the mercy of centrifugal force.

  • Scrambler

    North End

    Minimum Height: 36" with adult

    You won’t be able to tell backwards from forwards once you’ve whirled on this delightful ride.

  • Splashwater Falls raft

    South End

    Minimum Height: 36" with adult

    Take on the ultimate wave on this big raft with a bigger splash, as you plummet down six stories.

  • Family on Stampede Bumper Cars
    Temporarily Closed

    Crack Axle Canyon

    Minimum Height: 48"

    No need for brakes as you put your pedal to the metal on this classic, clobbering, bumper car smash-up!

  • Teens on the Tea Cups

    South End near Slingshot

    Minimum Height: None with adult

    This tea party’s out of control on a teacup-style spin-a-rama. The more you twist, the harder you spin!

  • Child driving Wild Wheelz car


    Minimum Height: None

    Take an adventurous ride through the wild, in safari themed vehicles.



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