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This classic wooden roller coaster is not only an instantly recognizable landmark, it’s also been a badge of honor and courage for three decades of riders at New England. This is the intense ride, Cyclone. This gargantuan wooden twister was based on the famous coaster with the same name at Coney Island.

As one of the largest wooden coasters in the world, the amazing wooden architecture unfurls over 3,600 feet of track. But before you go anywhere you’ll first have to climb up to 112 feet. Generations before you have cherished the long haul up this first hill and the great adventure waiting on the other side. Now it’s your turn.

Brace yourself to fly down one of the steepest lifts on any wooden coaster, slicing through a narrow-tracked series of hills and slopes, shooting down the track at 55 miles per hour.

Your train will take turns and hills at top speed like it’s nothing. But you better hold on tight, wooden coasters are famous for having some kick!

You’re in for nonstop relentless fun, soaring over an immortal wooden structure, descended from one of the ultimate legends in the history of amusement parks. No serious rider’s resume is complete without mastering Cyclone.

There is nothing like the feel of a classic wooden roller coaster. You’ll hugging the track in a time-honored design that has been a fan favorite for decades, and now you’ll see why the classic thrills stand the test of time.

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William Cobb

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