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Crime Wave

If This Super Villain Offers You a Seat, Take It!

THE PENGUIN? POISON IVY? And THE JOKER too? The world’s worst super villains have gathered together to deliver a sky thrill so intense it’ll lift your chair right off the ground.

Fly through the air, on this seated, swinging, twisting and tilting carousel that sends you sailing through the clouds. Take a seat in the circle of swing chairs lined up around the colorful central tower, which is tricked out with portraits of all your favorite DC villains. Even MR. FREEZE has crept out of his cooler to watch you get sky scrambled. As you start to slowly rise off the ground, it’s too late to run. These devious characters have got you right where they want you.

Up you go, lifted into the air. You could probably use a jet pack or a pair of bat wings right about now. But unfortunately, you’re just a regular human being, at the mercy of THE JOKER as the entire tower starts to spin, hurling you in a wide arc around the center. But THE JOKER, wanting the last laugh, starts to add some jumbo tilt to the spin!

Now it feels like you’re getting tossed around on great invisible waves, shooting over currents in the sky! Those villains never intended for you to have this much fun.


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South End near BATMAN: The Dark Knight



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