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A hand rises from a murky swamp, behind The Aftermath: Zombies Revenge logo
Ranger Station in The Aftermath: Zombies Revenge during Fright Fest at Six Flags New England

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The Aftermath: Zombie's Revenge

Hells Gate State Park has fallen to the recent zombie uprising. Hunt or be hunted.

Deputy Lynch was patrolling the grounds of Hells Gate State Park after a few campers reported hearing vicious growls that were perhaps a rabid animal, or worse, the return of the undead. Ever since the outbreak years ago that was quickly eradicated, every Park Ranger has undergone training and has been issued weaponry for the sole purpose of routine zombie hunting.

Lynch stopped by the Outfitters Shop to grab some gear. Suspiciously, all the windows were broken, ammunition boxes were thrown about and footprints led towards Lake Take-A-Dip, where he could hear the rumbling of screams in the distance. Suddenly, a fist punched through the wooden wall and soon another from the other side. Running out of the cabin and into the nearby lodge, Deputy Lynch could hear a horde running behind him. As he hid inside, he held his breath hoping the creatures outside would leave… until he turned his head to see his boss, Ranger Redmond, freshly bitten and slumped over. Deputy Lynch, like many of the staff of Hells Gate, were once our trusted hunters… but now, they are the hunted.

The zombies will have their revenge. Which side will you end up fighting for?

What do you think?

The Aftermath: Zombie's Revenge
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

River's Edge Picnic Grove

Additional Fee Required

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