What is a Virtual Reality Coaster?
A Virtual Reality Coaster is a traditional coaster that is equipped with cutting-edge technology to allow you to wear a wireless VR headset during the ride.  You’ll be able to feel the heart-pumping adrenaline of steep drops, inverted loops and powerful twists and turns as gyros, accelerometers and proximity sensors synchronize all of the action while viewing a remarkably realistic 360-degree virtual world.

How does it work?
Once you take your seat and fasten the headset, you’ll be fully immersed in the virtual environment.  Throughout the ride, your view through the headset will be of an alternate universe where you’ll battle villains and ultimately defeat the enemy before returning back to the coaster station.

How do I interact with the gaming experience?
You do not need a touchpad or buttons to activate the gaming experience which allows you to keep your hands on the lap bar as you shoot. Instead, the mounted Gatling guns on the helicopters are controlled through head movements and as soon as an attacker is targeted, the weapon automatically fires. Target tracking graphics will display in HMD (Head Mounting Display) style to demonstrate the autofire function.   

Why would I want to see the virtual experience vs. the normal ride?
Virtual reality will provide a game-changing new ride experience with an even higher level of thrill.

How do the headsets show you a virtual world?
Six Flags is partnering with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus, global leaders in technology, to deliver this world-class experience.  The Samsung Gear VR headsets provide high-resolution imagery with an extra-wide point of view to seamlessly merge reality with the virtual world. 

Do I have to wear the headset?
You have the choice of riding with or without a headset.

Is there an additional fee?
There is not an additional fee for riding our new Virtual Reality Coaster – it’s FREE with your park admission.

How do you put on the headset before riding?
The wireless VR headset is secured with three straps – one around the head, one over the head and a chinstrap, along with a safety lanyard. You’ll be able to try on the sanitized headset and adjust the straps before it’s your turn to ride.  When you approach the loading station, you’ll raise the headset so you can board the coaster, secure the ride restraint and then pull the headset over your eyes – get ready to take off!

Will it make me nauseous?
Because the visuals on the virtual reality screen are synched precisely with the coaster’s drops, twists and turns, there is no motion sickness as some might expect. As you see the 3D movements through your headgear, your body experiences the identical motion of the coaster, creating an unbelievably thrilling experience. Unlike watching the visuals while standing still, there should be no adverse effect.

Can children wear the headsets?
As with any of our rides and attractions, we follow manufacturer's guidelines. In this case, their policy states that the headgear should not be used by children 12 years of age and under. Typically Gear VR users are in front of gaming stations for extended periods of times while connected to the internet, so there are privacy issues to consider. Users might also be walking around in their homes, while wearing the headsets, which is not recommended.  While use on our ride is completely different, we are adhering to the manufacturer's policy. Guests 12 years or under may still enjoy the coaster, without the Gear VR headset, as long as they meet the minimum height requirement.

Are the headsets cleaned?
Yes, all parts of the headset that touch a rider’s face and head will be covered with an anti-microbial leather and cleansed between every use with anti-bacterial wipes.  The coaster will have multiple sets so that as a trainload of guests ride the coaster, others can be adjusting their headsets and preparing to board, while additional headsets are being sanitized.

Will the headset work at night?
Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy the Virtual Reality Coaster experience during both day and night.


The Gear VR headsets may not be used by children 12 and under based on manufacturer's guidelines.