Ride Experience

Take on the Winged Legion!

Strap in to the cockpit of your Apache-style helicopter and prepare to fly out into the devastated city to take on the gargoyles. You are part of a fleet preparing to battle an army of these terrifying, winged creatures.

The action begins before you have even fully ascended the lift hill as your blood thirsty enemies mercilessly attack your fragile helicopter. Things quickly accelerate as you are sent twisting, turning and diving through the hazardous city streets, all the while shooting to repel these lethal demons and conquer the vicious master gargoyle. The mounted Gatling guns on the helicopters are controlled through head movements and as soon as an attacker is targeted, the weapon automatically fires.

You won't want to miss this pulse pounding virtual experience coming to eight parks.

The Gear VR headsets may not be used by children 12 and under based on manufacturer's guidelines.