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Six Flags Contest Fraud Alert

Facebook Ticket Scam: July 2016

Consumers are being targeted with the opportunity to immediately receive three tickets in exchange for taking a brief survey about the park and forwarding a link to 15 friends.
This scam has "gone viral" due to participants forwarding the link to friends in an effort to receive the tickets. The post includes a picture of a fake Six Flags ticket in an effort to make it look legitimate.
Do not complete the survey and do not forward the link to friends. You will not receive free Six Flags tickets and you will be asked to give up personal information which will be used to spam you in the future.

Learn More at HoaxSlayer.net

Contests for Free Six Flags Tickets or Passes

Please be aware that any contest or survey you see on social media which promises to give you free tickets or season passes simply for completing "a few simple steps" or that require you to "share the contest with 5 friends" is not legitimate and is not sponsored by Six Flags. More likely than not it is a scam.

These contests pop up every summer, run by shady, anonymous individuals who can't be traced. Their goal is to get you to sign up for "introductory programs" that aren't easy to cancel, or to collect your personal information, or to trick you into installing malware on your computer. These people are not in any way associated with Six Flags. We do not condone any of these programs and would shut them down if we could.

If you have participated in such a program we recommend that you run a scan of your computer using your virus checking software and warn your friends not to click any links associated with these programs.

Any program that guarantees you will receive Six Flags tickets for performing a simple set of actions or that guarantees that you will receive tickets for sharing a link with your friends should be highly scrutinized. If it claims to be from Six Flags or one of our partners it is probably a scam. As the old adage goes: if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

How To Identify a Real Six Flags Contest, Sweepstakes or Survey

Six Flags does occasionally sponsor contests and sweepstakes. Real Six Flags contests are promoted directly on the Six Flags website (www.sixflags.com) and our official social media pages. All of these contests will be in the form of sweepstakes where there is a chance to win but never a guarantee.

Identifying Official Six Flags Websites: Verify that these contests are the real deal by checking the URL. For Six Flags programs, the domain name must END with ".sixflags.com". Examples of legitimate sites are www.sixflags.com, feedback.sixflags.com and content.sixflags.com. If the URL does not END in one of these three domains, then there is a good chance the address is not an official Six Flags site.

Please note that just because "sixflags" is included in the URL doesn't make it real or legitimate. Anyone can buy a domain that includes sixflags somewhere in the middle. For example, "www.sixflags-contest.com" or "content.sixflags.com-contest.com" are fake. Real Six flags domain names will always END with ".sixflags.com"

Identifying Official Social Media Pages: It can be tricky to identify official social media pages. People set up fake social media profiles all the time, and it is surprisingly easy to duplicate the look and feel of an official Facebook page or Twitter page. It's very easy for them to claim to be an official Facebook page.

To ensure that a park's social media page is real, verify that it is verified. Also, all official Six Flags Facebook pages have hundreds of thousands of followers. A fake page will usually have very few.

Please note that comments from other participants can be easily faked. One common tactic is to make up a bunch of comments from other people who say they received the free tickets or who say that participating in the program was fun and easy. Just as it is simple to create a fake social media profile, it is also simple to create fake comments.

Partner Sweepstakes and Contests: Our partners may also run their own sweepstakes and contests from their on websites and social media pages. We certainly support these programs, however you should scrutinize the legitimacy of these contests just as much as you would scrutinize contests from Six Flags. Verify that the contests are posted on the partner's official website. If it is a social media promotion, make sure it is coming from the partner's official social media page and not a fake page. More often than not, contests from official Six Flags partners can be reached directly from the Six Flags website.

Exercise Caution

If you have any doubts or concerns about the legitimacy of a contest or sweepstakes, please don't participate without carefully researching it first. If you can't validate with certainty that it is real do not participate.

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