All Rides

From thrilling water rides to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.

Double dare drop against a bright sky, with buildings in the foreground
Minimum Height: 48"

Plunge 75 feet down on a near-vertical drop.

Little Lagoon gate sign with Little Lagoon sprinklers in the background

A watery kid zone that provides splashes and fun for all of the little swimmers.

Paradise Pipelines entrance sign with slides in background
Minimum Height: 36"

Wind down four stories into waterpark paradise with these innertube slides!

Sand Volleyball Court

Get your friends and family together for some fun in the sand.

Screaming Lizard
Minimum Height: 48"

Take on this near vertical free-fall, followed by a 45-degree loop.

Splash Magic River sign

Take a scenic raft cruise around Tiki Island in this relaxing lazy river.

The Abyss blue and yellow slides, surrounded by typhoon terror
Minimum Height: 36"

Experience the thrill of being plunged into these dark slides, filled with seemingly endless twists and turns!

Tiki Island

This splash-filled kid-zone is the perfect place for your little swimmers to soak in the fun.

Tropical Twister three white slides with life guard watching the splash pool
Minimum Height: 42"

These three Tropical Twisters start five stories high where you will twist and turn your way to the bottom!

Wave Pool

This magnificent wave pool makes king-sized waves in an ocean of fun.

Typhoon terror sign with tubes in front of it
Minimum Height: 48"

Raft down 230 feet of twists and turns, complete with a plunge into the mouth of a gigantic funnel.

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