Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Near Rockford, IL

Family Rides

Family fun is what we're all about at Six Flags. So get ready to let loose and laugh. From the steepest slides to the relaxing pools, we've got plenty of rides you can enjoy together.

  • Little Lagoon gate sign with Little Lagoon sprinklers in the background

    A watery kid zone that provides splashes and fun for all of the little swimmers.

  • Sand Volleyball Court

    Get your friends and family together for some fun in the sand.

  • Splash Magic River sign

    Take a scenic raft cruise around Tiki Island in this relaxing lazy river.

  • Tiki Island

    This splash-filled kid-zone is the perfect place for your little swimmers to soak in the fun.

  • Wave Pool

    This magnificent wave pool makes king-sized waves in an ocean of fun.

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