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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California
Super hero prizes at a midway game

Super Hero Games Challenge

Play games & you could win big!

Become a Super Hero Champion during our Super Hero Games Challenge, June 2-18. Play our skill games for your chance to win exclusive Super Hero prizes, collect Power Cards for every game you win, and compete to become the ultimate champion and win a Six Flags Season Pass. Here’s how to win:

  1. Look for our designated Super Hero Challenge Games, which offer DC Super Hero prizes, including capes, hats, plush, basketballs, pillows, and more.
  2. Test your skills and play one or all of the Super Hero games. Every time you win a DC Super Hero prize at these designated games, you will also receive a Super Hero Power Card.
  3. If you win at least five DC prizes and earn five Power Cards, you can redeem your Power Cards at the Ring Toss game in the Center Ring area. We’ll replace your Power Cards for one Super Hero Challenge Card.
  4. At the Ring Toss game, you’ll also get 15 free rings to toss on any bottle. If you win with one of these 15 rings, you’ll get a giant Super Hero prize and a Platinum THE FLASH Pass to be used that day or your next visit.
  5. When you receive your Super Hero Challenge Card, you’ll be able to redeem it one hour before park closing at a designated game. You’ll participate in a games challenge and go head-to-head with other winners from the day.

The ultimate winner will be deemed the Super Hero Champion of the day and will win a Six Flags Season Pass.

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June 2-18