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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

14 Romantic Things to Do at the Park on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate with your date at the park

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a great place to impress your date and create some sweet memories. In honor of Valentine’s Day on February 14, here are 14 amazing ideas to enjoy a romantic date at the park.

  1. Scream together as you spiral around Viper.
  2. Share a special Valentine's Day funnel cake topped with fresh strawberries from Suzette’s Bakery.
  3. Hold hands at the top of LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom.
  4. Take a selfie under twinkling lights on the romantic Grand Carousel.
  5. Have some laughs as you compete against each other at the midway games.
  6. Impress your date by winning a jumbo plush prize.
  7. Have a Caricature artist draw your silly faces surrounded by giant hearts.
  8. Take a photo with Bugs Bunny.
  9. Let your sweetie cling to you as you zip around Gold Rusher.
  10. Share a kiss before you drop down Goliath's 255-foot drop.
  11. Enjoy a little friendly competition on Cyclone 500 – loser buys lunch.
  12. Get your hearts racing with a twist around X2.
  13. Dress up like an old saloon couple at Antique Photos.
  14. Split a scrumptious stick of pink cotton candy.

What’s your favorite date activity at the park?

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