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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

Unique Things About Magic Mountain

One-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find anywhere else

Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to some of the most unique and thrilling experiences in the world. With notable record-breakers and first-of-their-kind attractions, our exclusive opportunities can't be found anywhere else. Here are a few of our most noteworthy accomplishments.

  1. More roller coasters than any other theme park in the world.
  2. More kiddie coasters than any other theme park.
  3. Revolution boasts the world's very first vertical loop, first debuting in 1976.
  4. SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton was the nation's first ride to reach 100 miles per hour.
  5. Twisted Colossus features a first-of-its-kind "high five" element and one of the world's longest hybrid tracks.
  6. CraZanity is the world's tallest and fastest swinging pendulum ride, reaching 170 feet in the air and 75 miles per hour.
  7. Tatsu was custom-designed to match the drops and elevation of our park's unique terrain.
  1. Full Throttle smashes three world records as the tallest and fastest looping coaster with a never-before-seen "top hat" that takes you over the top of the 160-foot, 70 mile-per-hour loop.
  2. LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom is not only the tallest drop ride in SoCal at 415 feet, but ranks among the tallest on the planet.
  3. THE RIDDLER's Revenge holds the title for the tallest and longest standup coaster.
  4. We are the only theme park in the nation to operate a rare funicular railway transportation system - the Helpful Honda Express - which carries you from the fountain plaza up to the top of Samurai Summit.
  5. Coming soon, we'll add West Coast Racers to our amazing list as the world's first-ever dual racing launch coaster, featuring two side-by-side tracks and four high-speed launches.
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