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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California
Roaring Rapids

5 Tips for the Most Unforgettable Spring Break Ever

Now open daily

Celebrate Spring Break at Six Flags Magic Mountain. With extra time to play since we're now open daily, you're bound to make great memories and spend quality time with your best buds. For the best Spring Break experience ever, head to the park to enjoy some of our favorite springtime traditions.

Unwind with the biggest thrills around
There's no better way to forget life's stresses than by screaming as loud as you can on our world class attractions. Get your adrenaline racing on rides like BATMAN The Ride and Ninja. Plus, LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom will take you as far away from school as possible as you rise 400 feet in the air. Tiny spring breakers can also enjoy pint-sized fun in Bugs Bunny World.

Outdoor fun in the comfortable weather
Springtime is one of the most beautiful times to visit the park because the weather is just right. Spend some time in the sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. Take in the comfortable weather as you breeze through the sky on Goliath, and cool off with a splash aboard Roaring Rapids.

A vacation with all your friends
The more, the merrier! You're all off for the break, so you'll have lots of time to hang out and create some fantastic memories with your buds. When you combine good friends and amazing thrills, you're bound to have an unbelievable time.

Entertainment with the Looney Tunes
You're never too old to party with your favorite cartoon characters. Strike a silly pose with Bugs Bunny, dance around with Sylvester, or take a selfie with Daffy. Show off how much fun you’re having by setting it as your new profile picture on all your social media accounts.

Compete against your friends and have a blast
Students are always trying to impress their peers. You're guaranteed to have a good time and laugh while you enjoy some friendly competition. Race your buds to the finish line on the Cyclone 500 GoKarts– loser buys lunch! Battle the star athlete in your group at the 3-Point Basketball Challenge, and show off your skills to win the coolest prize at our game booths. (Games and Go Karts require an additional fee).

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