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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

Two Different Ways to Ride The New Revolution

A new experience on the classic coaster

The New Revolution is a Six Flags Magic Mountain icon. The original Revolution was a movie star, record-setter, and instant guest favorite, featuring the world’s first vertical loop on a coaster. You’ll find a large plaque in the queue commemorating Revolution as one of the first roller coasters that American Coaster Enthusiasts designated as an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark. Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, this famous icon writes a new chapter in roller coaster history.

World-wide fame came quickly with the movie Rollercoaster, released in 1977. Everyone wanted to get to Revolution. Over time, the limelight faded for this legend. Newer, flashier roller coasters were added to the park. Eventually, Six Flags Magic Mountain was boasting one of the world’s largest collections of roller coasters. However, changes to Revolution’s trains continued to distance the ride from its core fans, and the ride shifted down the roster on the “must do” list.

But although its popularity waned, Revolution’s story wasn’t yet finished. As Six Flags announced its new additions to its parks for 2016 last September, coaster fans created the most chatter over the revamp to Revolution. Magic Mountain was far from giving up on this iconic coaster. The removal of the awkward restraints with newly designed trains resonated with the park’s audience and received enthusiastic approval.

As spring of 2016 arrived, the changes to Revolution made it clear that the real Revolution was back. Beautifully painted structure and rails stood out against the trees. Shiny new trains, landscaping, a revamped station and colorful new lights gave the attraction that special polish.

Guests visiting the park today can experience The New Revolution in two ways. Riding in its purist form, the thrills of its early days are back in full force. However, most riders will want to experience the VR Coaster experience with The New Revolution’s storyline of entering the virtual world of jet fighter pilots fighting against an alien attack. Entering this virtual world with special headsets takes coaster riding into a new dimension that Six Flags Magic Mountain guests have never been able to do before.

Communications Manager Sue Carpenter has enjoyed seeing the response to the new-for-2016 makeover. “One of our guests wrote in and really said it perfectly: ‘We absolutely loved The New Revolution! We rode it twice both with and without the VR headsets. I must admit, it was so awesome to finally ride it again without the [previous restraints] after so many years!’’ Carpenter said, “And guests are finding the VR Experience to be truly immersive, much more than what they were expecting.”


*Article written by Tim Baldwin – editor of RollerCoaster! Magazine, staff writer at Amusement Today and Communications Director for American Coaster Enthusiasts.

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