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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California
guests riding twisted colossus

Twisted Colossus Now Open

Time to ride our new hybrid coaster

Twisted Colossus is now open to the public. We have opened the gates to the newly transformed area, Screampunk District, with our new star, Twisted Colossus. 

This updated classic coaster is now smoother, faster, and more intense than ever before. As the world’s longest hybrid coaster, the new steel track situated atop the wooden structure allows you to reach faster speeds and experience ride elements never before possible. After boarding your custom-designed train, you’ll take off on a twisted four-minute adventure across 5,000 feet of track. You’ll crank up an impressive 116-foot lift hill and feel weightless on your 80-degree drop. Twisted Colossus delivers a total of 18 incredible airtime hills. The latest ride technology also allows for more extreme construction elements, including a “Top Gun Stall,” an inversion where the train slows upside down; a Zero G Roll that twists the track 360 degrees; and the Western Hemisphere’s first “High Five,” where two trains pass closely through an overbanked turn racing each other through the turns.

We know you’ve been waiting since we announced it, so don’t miss your first chance of the season to experience our highly-anticipated hybrid coaster this season.

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