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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

Tips for Riding Tatsu

Guidelines to remember when facing the extreme coaster

Tatsu was custom-built exclusively for Six Flags Magic Mountain. You’ll soar along the 3,602-foot track at an astonishing 62 miles per hour, tackling four upside-down inversions and 263 feet in plunges. Although there’s really no way to prepare for such a fierce challenge, if you’re daring enough to give it a try—or if you’re not quite ready for it—these tips will help enhance your ride experience so you can conquer the flight.

Keep track of which way is up
As you fly along the twisted track at 62 miles per hour, try to guess which rides are twisting and blurring beneath you. After soaring through a corkscrew, zero-g roll, horseshoe, inline twist, and one of the world’s highest pretzel loops, it will be hard to keep track of whether you’re facing up or down. Just remember, the trees grow up from the ground, not down from the sky.

Don’t look down
After you board the ride, your seat will rotate 90 degrees into a horizontal position. You’ll really get the sensation of flight as you soar stomach-down and stare face-down at the ground the below you. You’ll start at the top of the mountain, flying 17 stories above the park, and experience a 263-foot elevation change as you curve with the terrain, swoop down just inches above the ground, and wind through the mountainous scenery.

Ride at night for a maximum rush
Tatsu is intensified when you fly through the dark night sky. The park below you turns into a blur of tiny lights and you’ll feel like you’re rocketing through space. You’ll also have a greater element of surprise because you can’t see the track twisting in front of you.

Be confident
Don’t doubt yourself—you can do it! Stay calm and remind yourself that you can tackle this beast. When you return to the station after the ride, you’ll be ready to hop on again or tackle the next wild ride. You should also ride with someone you are comfortable with, who you can grab onto and who can help encourage you during the ride.

Have you flown on Tatsu?

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