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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

Wicked Monster Shows at the Park This Fall

Monsters like to live in the shadows, but when you shine a spotlight on them, they really let loose! Our sinful spectaculars are sure to leave you howling for more with updated playlists, enhanced choreography, and wickeder special effects. Read on for a full guide of this year's Monstertainment lineup. Be sure to check the Six Flags mobile app for the latest show schedules and updates.

  1. New! Sliders of the Night: The undead spark up the night for a ghoulish competition on all fours at this new slide or die show.
  2. High Sierra Hypnotist: Our master hypnotist will blow your mind as audience volunteers demonstrate the power of the hypnotist's mind-controlling tricks. If you’re one of the chosen, they will steal your brain and put you under a spell to perform comical actions just for fun. Featured Saturdays during Fright Fest.
  3. Voodoo Nights: Our ghoulish gang rocks out in the hottest Halloween party of the season. Join our spirited DJs and dancers to sing along to blaring beats and groove along with dramatic dancing. The zombies are also controlling the lights and no one knows what they’ll do in a spectacular light display.
  4. Unleashed: This release kicks off the nighttime chills. We gather all the creatures of the night and set them free to run to their territories.
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