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Tickets & Passes

Tickets & Passes

Pass benefits subject to change without notice. Pricing shown is available online only.
Passholder benefits may vary by park. Contact the park you are planning to visit for any questions regarding applicable benefits.

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2023 Tickets

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Frequently Asked Questions


See the most asked questions and answers about how to enjoy Six Flags.

About Tickets

All of our products are non-refundable. The passes and dining plans are bought for a specific year and holder. They cannot be transferred to another person or another year.


The Single Day tickets can be used in a subsequent season since they do not come with an expiry date, but you might have to pay the difference between the price originally paid and what the Single Day tickets are sold during the season you wish to visit.

About Passes

To benefit from an unlimited access to the park for the 2023 season, we recommend that you select our Platinum or Diamond passes. On the other end, the regular season pass is valid on summer days until September 4th 2023, except for our special event days. You may consult the comparison chart above to view all the details.

If you have a Regular or Platinum pass, you can upgrade to a higher level. To upgrade your pass, visit mypass.sixflags.com and click. Upgrade at the top of the page.

Some of our admission offerings include specialty rate tickets for family and friends. Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

Absolutely. Our Passes include a variety of benefits depending on the level you choose. For example, based on the price of daily tickets, it would be more advantageous to have a Platinum pass within 2 visits.  Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

It depends on the level of pass that you have selected. With the Platinum or Diamond pass, you obtain access to some or all of our theme parks. If you are interested by these advantages, please consult our comparison chart above.

That depends on the pass you purchased, most of our 2023 Passes are valid for the entire 2023 Season. If you have purchased a Regular 2023 pass, it will be valid during the summer until September 4th 2023 inclusively. Please refer to our comparison chart for all the details.

Each Pass is valid for just one person. We do not sell “family” Passes.

All of our passes come with a certain percentage applicable in the majority of our restaurants on the park. If you would like to add included food to your plan, we invite you to visit our Season add-ons page at the following address : https://www.laronde.com/larondefr/store/season-add-ons

Yes, but remember you must activate your Pass at the Six Flags park you purchased it from. The advantages linked to the pass will be valid in the same parks where the pass grants access.

You can activate your Pass at your “home park” whenever you like during the 2023 season while your Pass is active. Remember that additional fees might be applicable to visit the park on a special events day.

Please visit the Guest Portal for details on how to redeem your benefits.