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Tickets and Passes

Get More Thrills All Season Long!

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3. Have Fun All Season Long

1. Pick Your Discounts & Perks

2. Choose Your Pass

Flexible Pay Available on All Products!

3. Have Fun All Season Long

One-Day Ticket

One-Time Admission to La Ronde
Valid Any Day of the 2022 Season
Buy Online & Save!

As Low As


One-Day Ticket

One-Day Admission to
La Ronde

Starting at


2022 Summer Pass

Admission to La Ronde on
Regular Operating Dates through Labour Day

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*Blockout Dates Apply


2022 Adrénaline Pass

Unlimited Visits, Discounts & More!

$89.99 /ea
  • Access to La Ronde and Select Outdoor Six Flags Theme Parks in the Northeast
  • Discounted All Season Parking Pass
  • Skip the Line Coupon
  • and more!

Unlimited Visits, Discounts & More!

$89.99 /ea

2022 Extrême Pass

Unlimited Access & More Perks!

$152.99 /ea
  • Unlimited Access to All Six Flags Outdoor Theme Parks
  • Free General Parking
  • Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • NEW Includes two Junior Passes
  • Skip the Line Coupons
  • and more!

Unlimited Access & More Perks!

$152.99 /ea

2022 Suprême Pass

Unlimited Visits, Parking, Meals & More!

$302.99 /ea
  • Unlimited Visits to All Six Flags Outdoor Theme Parks
  • Free Preferred Parking
  • 10 Meal Dining Plan
  • Food & Merchandise Discounts
  • NEW Includes two Junior Passes
  • Discounted All Season THE FLASH Pass
  • Skip the Line Coupons
  • and more!

Unlimited Visits, Parking, Meals & More!

$302.99 /ea

Pass Benefits

La Ronde Thrill Seeker Level Pass

Adrénaline Pass*

La Ronde Extreme Level Pass

Extrême Pass*

La Ronde Ultimate Level Pass

Suprême Pass*

Unlimited Visits to La Ronde and Northeast Six Flags Outdoor Theme Parks

Select Dates**

Parking Every Visit

Discounted/Except Blockout Dates

General/No Blockout Dates

Preferred/No Blockout Dates

Specialty Rates on Friends & Family Tickets​

2 Discounted Daily Tickets

5 Discounted Daily Tickets

10 Discounted Daily Tickets

Skip the Line 

1 Single Use Weekday Visit 

2 Single Use Weekday Visit 

5 Single Use Any Day

Junior Passes (guests under 42’’/1.07m)

2 Passes

2 Passes

Flexible Pay Option

Unlimited Access to ALL Six Flags Outdoor Theme Parks

Merchandise Discount (Most Items)

30% Off

35% Off

Food Discount (Most Items)

15% Off

20% Off

Dining Plan

Dining Deal

10 Meal
Dining Plan

Merchandise Credit


ALL Season THE FLASH Pass Discount


Terms and Conditions
*Passes include unlimited visits to the park on regular operating days (special events which may require an additional charge). The health measures required by the Public Health Department in 2022 will apply. Limited parking spaces. First come, first served. Credits cannot be combined with discounts. Pass Benefits expire at time of pass expiration. 
**View La Ronde and Northeast Parks Blockout Dates

Enhance Your Experience With Add-Ons


Take care of your food, parking, photos, and more before your visit!


One-Day Dining Deal with Drinks All Day!

Enjoy one meal, one snack, and drinks all day!


Make every visit thrilling with a Dining Plan, THE FLASH Pass, and more.

Six Flags dining plan

4-Meal Season Dining Plan - 2022

Your choice of any 4 Entrees to add on to your Season Pass.


Find Answers to Our Top Asked Questions About Tickets and Passes

General Questions

Yes. There are blockout dates for some of admission offerings.  For no blockout dates, check out the Extrême and Suprême Passes! Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

About Tickets

Any day tickets may be used any day that the park is open to the general public. 


Dated Tickets may only be used on the date you pre-selected or on a same priced day identified on our website’s calendar.


Discounted Tickets that are part of passes perks are valid on selected days. This information will be on your Guest portal.

If the date you want to visit is a day that the park is open to the general public and costs more than what you paid for your ticket, you will have to pay the difference. If tickets on the date you visit cost less than or the same as the ticket you purchased then you may use them to enter the park. If the date you visit costs less than what you purchased, you will not receive a refund for the difference.  

All of our products are non-refundable. The passes and dining plans are bought for a specific year and holder. They cannot be transferred to another person or another year.


The Single Day tickets can be used in a subsequent season since they do not come with an expiry date, but you might have to pay the difference between the price originally paid and what the Single Day tickets are sold during the season you wish to visit.

About Passes

Some of our admission offerings include specialty rate tickets for family and friends. Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

Absolutely. Our 2022 Passes include a variety of benefits depending on the level you choose. Prices on one-day tickets range from $29.99 to $42.99, so if you visit the park more than once, a Pass pays for itself.  Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

The Adrénaline Pass gives access to theme outdoor parks below (US North-East Region). Blockout Dates also below.

Six Flags America: 7/2, 7/3, 9/24, 10/29

Six Flags New England: 7/23, 10/15, 10/22 

Six Flags Darien Lake: None

Six Flags Great Adventure (theme park only): 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 

The Great Escape: 7/2, 8/6, 10/10, 10/22 

La Ronde: Special Events 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/13, 7/16, 7/20, 8/3, 8/6, 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30

With our Extrême and Suprême  pass, you get unlimited access to all Six Flags outdoor theme parks. No blockout dates.

Please visit here for parks' specific operating calendar.

Your 2022 Pass is activated as soon as you complete your purchase. If you purchased an admission product where blockout dates apply, check our calendar for available dates to plan your next visit. If you wish to visit another park (see list above), your Pass must be processed at La Ronde prior to that visit.

All of our passes are valid for the entire 2022 season (blockout dates may apply). Please consult our calendar to plan your visit.

Each 2022 Pass is valid for just one person. Though, our Extrême and Suprême passes each include a duo of Junior Passes to distribute to members of your family that measure less than 42’’/1,07m at the time of their first visit. 

Our Extrême Pass includes a One Single Day Dining Pass.


Our Suprême Pass includes a 10-Meal dining plan. Several of our 2022 Passes include discounts on food. Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

2022 Passes feature unlimited admission while your Pass is active. Depending on the admission product you choose, blockout dates may apply. Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

Yes, but remember you must activate your 2022 Pass at the Six Flags park you purchased it from prior visiting another park.


Most 2022 Pass benefits are valid at all Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor parks. However, a very limited number of benefits are only valid at your “home park.” Refer to the comparison chart above for details about all of our current admission products.

You can activate your 2022 Pass at your “home park” whenever you like during the 2022 season while your Pass is active. Remember blockout days may apply.

All of our products that were bought during previous promotions will be honored at full value with all of the perks that were associated with them.


If you needed to add Pass holders to your group, it will not be possible to do so with these same products. Please consult our comparison chart to select the ideal products for you.

About Benefits & Redemption

Approaching the opening of La Ronde, please visit the Guest Portal for details on how to redeem your benefits. 

Redeeming your retail credit is easy! At checkout, scan your Suprême Pass at the register and the credit will apply to your first transaction greater than $25. 


Your pass discounts will still be valid in addition to the credit. The discount will be applied after the credit has been deducted to the total.


Redemption rules may apply. See your Guest Portal for more details.

For Suprême Pass Holders, your 10-Meal plan is auto loaded to your account. When you’re ready to redeem, simply scan your pass during checkout at any dining location. There is not a limit to how many meals you can redeem in one day. If you prefer, you may use all 10 meals in one day or spread them out throughout the season.

Once you redeem a meal, you can check your Guest Portal to see how many meals you have left.

These can be redeemed at any Six Flags location, not limited to La Ronde. Extrême Pass Holders and Single Day tickets who purchased a One Day Dining Deal (1 Meal and 1 Snack) you must activate your meal plan during checkout at one of La Ronde’s Popcorn & Cie locations. Redemption is limited to the park you purchased the dining plan from.

If you have a pass with blockout dates, you can refer to our La Ronde Calendar to view the available dates for your product.  

Simply head to THE FLASH Pass Headquarters at your home park and scan your pass at checkout to receive your discount.  


Available at La Ronde only.

Approaching the park opening, please visit the Guest Portal for details on how to redeem discounted friend tickets. 

Extrême and Suprême Pass Holders should refer to their welcome email after purchase for details on how to redeem their (2) Junior Passes per Extrême Pass or Suprême Pass purchased. Guest must be under 42” / 1.07m at the time of activation. Height will be checked in park at time of processing. Pass valid for Admission only at any of the Six Flags Outdoor Theme Parks and expires at the end of the 2022 season.

About Flexible Pay

Choose flexible pay at checkout to have the cost split into 5 payments.

The process is entirely automatic. You’ll sign up with your credit card, debit card or Paypal account and we will automatically charge you for 4 months after the initial payment. You will receive a billing reminder by e-mail prior to each installment payment.

We will charge your credit card on the same day each month that you signed up.


So if you signed up for your Pass on May 15, then your next payments will take place June 15, July 15, August 15 and then September 15.

No. You’ll only pay our standard online processing fee once, when you initially purchase (this fee applies to all online ticket purchases, whether or not flexible pay is chosen). When we charge your credit card for future payments you will not be charged a processing fee.

Yes. At any time, you can log into your account and update your payment information. Any changes you make will usually be active immediately. You can access your account anytime from our website.