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All Four Membership Levels LREN

The Six Flags Membership program features the greatest value, the best benefits, and the most unique experiences we've ever offered on one pass. You'll get all of the benefits of Season Passes PLUS a variety of special features we've never offered before such as unlimited soft drink refills at a small cost, preferred parking, up to 50% off almost everything, and much more.

All of the benefits of our BEST Season Passes
Admission to 26 theme parks and waterparks
Discount on almost all candy & merchandise 25% off
Discount on almost all food & drinks 15% off
Member-Only Appreciation Events
Unlimited soft drink refills at a small cost every visit
Printed ride photo One Print
Diamond Preferred Parking every visit One-Time
Skip ONE ride line every visit One-Time
Diamond Area Waterpark Access  
Priority Water Park entry  
Free Ticket to Fireworks Show  
Free Ticket to Nuit Blanche (18+)  
Free Fright Fest Haunted House  
Skip TWO ride lines every visit  
Double rides on paid attractions every visit  
Fright Fest Wrist Bands every visit  
Diamond Elite upgrades every visit  
As Low As
Buy Now
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Membership FAQs General LREN

Top 10 FAQs about Membership 

Which Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor parks can I visit with a Six Flags Season Pass or Membership?

All Regular and Gold Season Pass Holders and Members, as well as Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite Members may visit the following parks at no additional admission charge:

  • La Ronde, Montreal
  • Six Flags America, Baltimore/Washington DC
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio
  • Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
  • Six Flags Great America, Chicago
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles
  • Six Flags Mexico, Mexico City
  • Six Flags New England, Springfield, MA
  • Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta
  • Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, between Dallas and Ft. Worth
  • Six Flags St. Louis
  • The Great Escape, Lake George, NY
  • Darien Lake, Buffalo, New York
  • Frontier City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Elite Members may also visit the following water parks:

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington, between Dallas and Ft. Worth
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey
  • Six Flags White Water, Atlanta
  • Hurricane Harbor Concord, California
  • Wet 'n' Wild Splashtown, Houston, Texas
  • Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona
  • White Water Bay, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Magic Waters, Rockford, Illinois

Two-Park Season Pass Holders may also visit water parks that are explicitly included with their Two-Park Pass.

Thrill Passes may only be used for admission at the park they are purchased from.

Season Passes may ONLY be used at the Parks explicitly listed above. For example, Season Passes are not valid for admission to White Water Bay at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park. Although discount passes, tickets, and add-ons may be available to allow you to visit other properties, admission is not included as part of your Six Flags Season Pass or Membership.

Passes must be picked up/registered on-site at the park they are purchased from. For example, if you buy a La Ronde Season Pass or Membership you must first visit La Ronde to register it and pick up your card before you may use it to visit other Six Flags theme parks.

Unless explicitly indicated, Regular and Gold Season Pass benefits and discounts may only be used at the park they are purchased from. Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite Membership benefits may be used at any participating Six Flags Membership park, subject to availability (see the Membership page for details).

La Ronde Season Passes include admission and Pass Holder benefits at Six Flags Darien Lake and Frontier City, while Memberships include admission and Pass Holder benefits at Six Flags Darien Lake, Frontier City, White Water Bay, Hurricane Harbor Splashtown, Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, and Magic Waters.

Do I need to buy 4 Memberships to get unlimited parking?

You do not. Every single Membership comes with Season Parking, no matter how many you buy.

Should I buy a Season Pass or a Membership?

Our Memberships include all of the benefits of our Season Passes plus much more. Depending on which level of Membership you choose, you'll save a lot of money in park too. You'll also have a much better time. Only Members can get preferred parking, or unlimited soft drinks, or up to 50% off EVERYTHING they purchase in the park. Season Pass don't get any of these things.

I already have a Membership. Can I upgrade to a better Membership?

Yes, at any time current Members can upgrade from one Membership level to another. To upgrade, log in to Member Services Online and choose "Upgrade" from the main menu. You'll be able to upgrade without paying any processing fees and we will cancel your old Membership.

Member Services Online

Do Memberships come with unlimited admission and parking?

Yes, every type of Membership provides unlimited visits and season parking.

In fact, while Season Passes give you unlimited admission to all Six Flags branded theme parks, Members also get unlimited admission to all of the Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags White Water waterparks*. And a whole bunch of other benefits that are not available to any of our Season Pass Holders. *White Water Bay located at The Great Escape Lodge is excluded from this benefit.

If I buy a Membership, do I also need to buy a Season Pass?

No. If you sign up for a Six Flags Membership you do not need a Season Pass.

Even the lowest level of Membership (Platinum) comes with ALL of the benefits of our best Season Pass, including unlimited visits, season parking on every pass, free tickets for friends, and the same discounts Season Pass Holders get. In addition, Members come with a lot more benefits that aren't available on any of our Season Passes. If you're looking for the best experience with the most discounts, the best value, and the most unique experiences, a Membership is likely for you.

Do Memberships have black out dates?

No. There are not admission blackout dates on any of our Memberships.

Can I use a Membership during Fright Fest?

Yes! All levels of Six Flags Memberships allow you to visit Fright Fest an unlimited number of times.

Some levels of Memberships come with extra benefits at Fright Fest. For example, with a Diamond Membership you can visit one haunted house at no additional charge. With a Diamond Elite Membership you can visit ALL of the haunted houses every time you visit at no additional charge.

Is there an initiation fee?

No, there is no initiation fee for becoming a Six Flags Member.

Every online transaction on has a processing fee of $8.99 to $10.50 -- and that is true regardless of whether you buy tickets or Season Passes or Memberships. It's a once-per-transaction fee, so you'll pay the same fee regardless of whether you buy one ticket or 10 Season Passes.

How soon can I use my Membership after I sign up?

Your Membership is activated immediately upon sign-up.

So -- if you're standing in front of the park entrance, and you sign up for a Membership on your phone, immediately after you submit your order you can walk up to the turnstiles and they will let you in (assuming that they can scan the bar code from your phone, which they usually can).

There is a one-time per-order processing fee of $8.99 to $10.50 for all online orders (this is true whether you are buying tickets, season passes, etc). But you are not charged per ticket. After your initial order is complete you are never charged the processing fee again.

Actually, for Members, if you add-on additional products or upgrade your Membership to a higher level we will not charge you a processing fee for those transactions.

What is Membership? 

Does everyone in the family need a Membership?*

Each individual in your family over the age of two (3 and up) needs to have their own Membership. Memberships are non-transferrable and you can't share your Membership with someone else. You can, however, use the free friend tickets that come with your Membership to bring friends or family members with you who don't often visit the park. Be mindful though that some benefits, like skip the line tickets on major rides, are only available to Members and not their guests (there are other special occasions when we will allow your guest to enjoy some of the special amenities you receive).

How many people are included in a Membership?

Each Membership is valid for just one person. We do not sell "family" Memberships, although we do offer lower prices when you sign up for four or more Memberships at a time.

Can I use my Membership to visit any Six Flags park?

Memberships may be used to visit all participating Six Flags theme parks and outdoor waterparks. There are over 20 parks to visit in North America.

Does a Membership come with food?

No, Memberships do not come with food.

All levels of Membership offer discounts on food, ranging from 15% off at the Platinum level to 50% off at the Diamond Elite level. Members also receive significant discounts on Dining Passes, which offer lunch and a snack or lunch, dinner and a snack. 

Membership vs. Season Passes 

Is Membership an add-on to a Season Pass?

No. Membership is a separate pass. When you sign up for a Membership you receive all of the same benefits as a Season Pass, plus a number of additional benefits.

What are the main reasons I should sign up for a Membership instead of a Season Pass?

  1. Memberships include visits to ALL Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor branded theme parks and waterparks. Season Passes do not include the waterparks. Some parks sell a “combo” Season Pass that includes the local waterpark, but no season pass includes ALL of the waterparks.
  2. Members save as much as 25% to 50% on almost everything at the park. Platinum Members save 25%; Diamond Members save up to 35% and Diamond Elite Members save an astounding 50% off on most items. Season Passes do not.
  3. Members get priority entry through the exclusive Member entrance. Pass Holders do not, except in some special circumstances.
  4. Members get a LOT of other benefits that Season Pass Holders do not. It varies by level, but some packages have benefits that will save you a lot of money every visit.

Tell me in one sentence why I should buy a Membership instead of a Season Pass.

Become a Member if you want admission and parking at every participating Six Flags theme park and outdoor waterpark, discounts EVERY time you visit, free upgrades, priority entry, and incredible unique experiences, bonuses and surprises. And special treatment.

Why do you offer both a Season Passes and a Memberships?

Season Pass and Membership represent different ways to enjoy the park.

Season Pass Holders are primarily looking for an admission product that lets them visit the park as many times as they like (with a few special perks thrown in) while Members are looking for a “total Six Flags experience” that includes admission, parking, food, merchandise, games and everything else we have to offer.

Do you offer Season Passes with the same benefits as Membership?

No. The benefits that are unique to our Membership program will only ever be available to Members. We have no plans to ever offer a Season Pass with as many benefits as Membership.

Membership Disclaimers - LREN
About Membership Benefits: The representation of our Membership benefits that are shown on this page are summaries ONLY. Every benefit has limitations and restrictions which are NOT shown here but still apply. If you have any questions about the limitations, restrictions or considerations related to any benefit please contact Member Services. A complete list of limitations and restrictions may be found in the Member Services Portal. Most benefits may be used at any Six Flags branded theme park or Hurricane Harbor that participate in the Membership program, subject to availability. Waterpark Diamond area access, Diamond Preferred Parking and some other features require advance reservations to be made through the Member Services portal. Some benefits are only available at theme parks, while others are only available at waterparks. For example, skip the line passes are available only at our theme parks and NOT at our waterparks. Discounts and benefits may not be combined with any other discounts or benefits. Some benefits may be limited by park, ride or restaurant capacity. Some benefits may be available in limited quantity, in which case they will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Benefit packages are subject to change at any time, without notice. If a benefit is removed we will always endeavor to replace it with something of comparable value. Valid Email Address Required: A valid email address is REQUIRED to receive many of your benefits. Six Flags will never share your email address without your consent and will only use it for park-related correspondence. For members of your family under the age of 13, please enter a parent/guardian’s email address. Children 2 years and under are free. Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice. Service fee apply only to your initial order (we do not charge service fees on your monthly payments). Some concerts and non-Membership related special events require an upcharge. A Membership provides unlimited visits and access to most rides but does not include free food, games, shopping, additional fee attractions such as go-karts and Skycoasters, premium Fright Fest haunted attractions and some concerts, shows and special events EXCEPT as specifically described in your Online Member Handbook.