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Season Dining Pass FAQ

A day of fun and food!

La Ronde offers an All Season Dining Pass that allows visitors to enjoy lunch and dinner at every visit to La Ronde, with only one single payment!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Purchasing a Dining Pass 

How do I purchase a Season Dining Pass?

There are two ways to purchase the Season Dining Pass – online on your computer or right now on you mobile phone. At the park, you can purchase Dining Passes at the ticket booths outside the entrance or at one of the Groups and Adjustments Center situated near the entrance gate and at the Season Pass Processing Center.


I bought a Season Dining Pass online. What do I do now?

First, print out your Season Dining Pass voucher where you will find your confirmation number at home. You must print a voucher for each Season Dining Pass purchased. During your visit following the purchase, present your voucher at the Season Pass Processing Center or at one of the Groups and Adjustments Center. Please note that a Season Pass is required for an agent to add this purchase to your card.


I'm not a Season Pass Holder. Can I buy a Season Dining Pass?

The more you visit, the more you save! That is why you have to be a Season Pass Holder to buy Season Dining Pass.


About Season Dining Passes 

What is a Season Dining Pass?

A Season Dining Pass allows Six Flags Season Pass Holders to eat at the park every time they visit — all for just one upfront payment. What is included varies depending of the level of the Dining Pass you get.


What are the different levels of the Six Flags Dining Pass?

There are three types of dining pass:

  • Basic Dining Pass provides you a meal and a snack every time you visit your home park.
  • Deluxe Dining Pass provides you a lunch, a dinner and a snack every time you visit your home park.
  • A Premium Dining Pass provides you with all of the features of a Deluxe Dining Pass, but you'll also receive a Six Flags Drink Bottle you can use to receive unlimited soft drink. You can now use your benefits at ANY Six Flags theme park.

Please note that lunch, dinner, and snack must be used within a certain time range that you will find in the Using Your Dining Pass section of the Frequently Asked Questions.


You're not going to cut me off if I visit 50 times?

Nope. Whether you use your Season Dining Pass five times or fifty times is totally up to you. We are glad to have you visit as many times as you want!


Is the Season Dining Pass valid in other Six Flags parks?

Only the Premium Season Dining Pass is valid in other Six Flags parks. Six Flags Great Escape is only 2h30 Montreal!

Don’t forget to visit the Six Flags park’s website to know the utilization time frame of the Season Dining Pass and the variety of different meals which may be picked up from any of several different in-park restaurants.


Where can I find a printable list of restaurants, entrees and snacks?

Ranging from poutine to healthy salad to chicken wrap and tacos, you will find a variety of meals and snacks in the brochure here.


Using Your Dining Pass 

What times can I use my Dining Pass?

Lunch, dinner and snack each have a specific time period dedicated to their use. While you enjoy your day in the park, just stop by one of the participating restaurants and present your Season Pass card to the cashier during the following time period:

  • Lunch: from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

*If you want to change your lunch for a snack, it can be done during the accepted time period of the lunch.

  • Dinner: from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

      *When La Ronde closes before 8:00 pm, dinner can be redeemed until the scheduled closing of the rides.

      *On fireworks days, you can enjoy your dinner until 22:00!

      *If you want to change your dinner for a snack, it can be done during the accepted time period of the dinner.

  • Snack: from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm.

     *When La Ronde closes before 8:00 pm, the snack can be redeemed until the scheduled closing of the rides.

     *On fireworks days, you can enjoy your snack until 22:00!


Can another person use my Season Dining Pass?

No, Season Dining Passes are non-transferable. The dining pass is only available to the Pass Holder who purchased the Season Dining Pass. The dining pass holder needs to present his Season Pass to the cashier in order to redeem his meal or snack.

Times subject to change due to park or individual location operating hours.


Where can I redeem my meal and my snack?

They are redeemable in most of the restaurants in the park. Please note that vouchers do not include drinks. You can view participating restaurants and their offers by clicking here. Restaurants, meal offers and snack offers are subject to change without notice.



All season dinning pass (ASDP) is only available to season pass (SP) holders. SP not included and must be purchased separately. Applicable during regular operating days for the remainder of the 2019 season. One ASDP per SP, per person, per year. The SP and ASDP are not valid during private events. Special events may require extra charge. The basic and Deluxe ASDP are accepted at La Ronde only, Ultra ASDP is accepted in any Six Flags Theme Park. The Ultra ASDP must be processed at La Ronde before it can be used at any other Six Flags parks. Meal vouchers cannot be transferred and SP must be presented by the owner during usage of vouchers. Operating schedule as well as meal, snack options and time slots can be modified without notice. Certain menu options may require additional fees.  Prices online include 2$ service fee per pass and are subject to change without notice. Taxes not included. Products shown may differ from the images. ASDP solely obtained via Six Flags, Six Flags authorized points of sale and distribution will be accepted. Offenders will be pursued according to Canadian law.

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