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Park Policies

The safety of our guests and our employees is our top priority. To ensure a pleasant and safe day, we ask you to comply with the below mentioned regulations. For the well-being and safety of our guests, La Ronde reserves the right to restrict access to rides at the park if it is necessary.


La Ronde is on private land. Anyone with unpleasant behavior may be expelled from the site. Access can be denied indefinitely without any refund.

Aggressive behavior is strictly prohibited. All hate speech, threats, violence and / or assault will not be tolerated under penalty of expulsion without refund and / or prosecution.

Indecent behavior is strictly prohibited under penalty of expulsion without refund and / or prosecution.



The operating schedule including the hours and days of operation of La Ronde may vary from season to season. We reserve the right to change our schedule without notice. Special events, such as the Nuit Blanche, may require extra fee.

Food, beverage, coolers & grilling

Food, Drinks and Coolers:
Food, beverages, coolers and grills may not be brought into the park. The only food exceptions are for food allergies as described below and infant food, in non-glass jars. Six Flags La Ronde prohibits the use of grills and open flames in and around the property, including parking lots.

Food Allergies:

Guests who suffer from sensitivities or life-threatening allergies may bring food into the park if they do not feel comfortable with the menu options available. In this case, the food must be limited to the individual with the allergy and may contain: two sealable sandwich bags (7×8 inches) and one snack to accommodate their visit (such as a piece of fruit, or a fruit bar, or a snack that fits in a sandwich bag).  One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items. No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at Six Flags La Ronde to receive a medical sticker.

Guest safety

For safety reasons, La Ronde reserves the right to check, with metal detector inspections, the content of any bag or container entering the park. Anyone refusing this check could be denied access to the park.

Guests with disabilities

We strive to safely accommodate the needs of all guests including guests with disabilities. We invite you to consult our complete policy and all the information concerning the reception of guests with disabilities by clicking below.


Illicit substances, alcohol and cannabis

The possession, sale and/or consumption of illegal substances (drugs) is strictly prohibited on La Ronde property. Any person who engages is such activity will be evicted from the park without refund or compensation and/or may be prosecuted. In addition, the sale and/or consumption of cannabis on or within a 9-metre radius of the La Ronde site is strictly prohibited.

It is also strictly forbidden to be in possession of alcoholic beverages other than those sold on the site or to be in possesion of cannabis. Anyone who shows signs of intoxication or impaired faculties and/or disruptive behaviour may be denied access to the site and/or expelled without refund or compensation.

(Bill 157: Cannabis Regulation Act)

Inclement weather

For your safety, some rides may be temporarily closed under certain weather conditions such as thunderstorms, electrical storms, heavy rain, or high winds. Rides will re-open as soon as safe operations can be assured. Most restaurants, theaters, shops and food concessions should remain open. Also, even or performances may be canceled or shortened because of inclement weather.

As Guest safety is our number one priority, there are certain weather circumstances that may cause the entire Park to close earlier than scheduled or not open at all. As soon as closures are confirmed the website operating calendar will be updated with the Park’s current operating status. Please check the website prior to visiting on days when weather may be a concern.

Refunds and rain checks are not offered for inclement weather and any premature closure.

Loose articles

Loose articles are not permitted on most rides and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Falling high objects or high speed can cause injury to guests and employees. La Ronde and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Loose articles are not permitted on the station area of select rides. Please refer to the signage at the ride entrances for more information.

The park is not responsible for personal items left unattended, and neither are our team members.


Being a season pass holder does not guarantee that a parking lot space will be available for your car. The number of parking lots available will vary depending on attendance and events that will occur on the Islands. In order to serve you better, the Société des Transports de Montréal will offer a shuttle from the Jean Drapeau station and Papineau station to La Ronde.

For daily and seasonal parking fees or to learn more about the seasonal parking policy, click here.


No pets are allowed on the site of La Ronde, with the exception of service animals. These animals cannot however get on our rides. For more informations on Service Animals, please read our policies for guests with disabilities and click below.


Never leave pets in your vehicle.


It is strictly forbidden to take photographs and / or images aboard the rides. All photos and / or images at La Ronde should be only used for personal purposes. No commercial photography of any king is permitted.  Any use, reuse, or reproduction for commercial purposes without the express written permission of La Ronde is strictly prohibited. La Ronde reserves the right to refuse to allow photography of any kind as necessary at individual locations. By entering the park, all guests grant La Ronde the right to film, video, record of photograph them on park property for anyreason or at any time without payment, consideration or warning.

Specifically, the use of the following equipment is not permitted:

  • Go Pro cameras
  • Lenses greater than three-and-one-half inches in length
  • Interchangeables lenses of any kind
  • Any camera mounted to a vehicle, drone, cart, scooter or other moving object
  • No cameras (video still, cell-phone, smart phones, ect.) are allowed on any rides at any time. No exeptions.

All La Ronde rides, shows and attractions are protected by copyright. Guests must have written permission to use photographs and / or videotape of La Ronde images for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing or publishing in any medium.

Prohibited items

Outside food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, coolers and pets (other than service animals) are not permitted to be brought into the Park. Guests entering the Park will be asked to pass through security bags checking. Any items that are not permitted in the Park must be returned to your vehicle. However, two (2) picnics areas set up outside our entrance to enable you to eat yhour own food.

For the safety and protection of all Guests, La Ronde prohibits the following items in the Park:

  • Cannabis
  • Aluminium cans and aerosols
  • Glass containers
  • Rigid coolers
  • Fireworks
  • Firearms of any type
  • Multi-tools
  • Pocket knives or other similar items regardless of size
  • Any item used for personal defense, including pepper spray
  • Any controlled substances
  • Skate shoes or any footwear with wheels
  • Skateboards
  • Motocycle helmets
  • Unmadded ariel vehicles (drones)
  • Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices.

Ride restrictions

Safety on the rides is our top priority. Some guests may be denied access to some rides if their safety is compromised due to their weight, size or if the ride can not operate properly. To access a ride, all guests should be able to use our security features, properly, safely and confortably. Specific ride information is available at the rides and at the Comptoir de renseignements. For your convenience, height check is available at the Comptoir de renseignements, where you can also pick up at list of rides our smallest Guests can enjoy.

People with hearing impairments, visual impairments or others that could affect the understanding of safety instructions must notify the ride attendant prior to boarding.

All guests must comply with the safety requirements of each ride. Failure to follow instructions could result in the denial of access to rides or expulsion from the park without any refund.

Rider responsibility / restrictions

Guests must exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while participating on Park rides and attractions. Guests must obey all oral and written warnings and properly use all ride safety equipment provided. Please refer to specific guidelines posted at the entrance to every ride and attraction. Guests with certain body proportions involving height and/or weight may be denied the opportunity to ride attractions where safety restraints will not operate as designed. Please ask a ride operator before waiting in line if you have any questions. Guests are not permitted to enter any restricted area, including rides and backstage areas. Personal items that are lost in the ride areas should be reported to the ride operator and Lost & Found. Six Flags will make every effort to retrieve lost articles after normal operating hours. Guests entering restricted areas may be ejected from the Park without refund.

Season Pass / Daily Ticket

Season pass holders are required to present their cards at the entrance and / or upon request from any employee.  A valid photo ID may also be required. Refusal to submit these documents may result in expulsion from the site and / or revocation of the season passport.

Guests who leave the Park and plan to return the same day must have their hand stamped BEFORE leaving. An employee is at  both exits of the Park, equipped whit the necessary stamps. Guests who return to the Park will be subject to the same verification processes as they went through upon their firts entry of the day.Visitor must enter through the entrances whit a valid hand stamp or re-entry will not be permitted. The transferring hand stamps is a violation of Six Flags policies and is strictly prohibited. Violators will be charged with fraud and subject to prosecution.

Season Pass holders must present their pass to gain entrance to the Park. Season Pass entry is only valid once per day.

If you must leave the parking lot, please retain your parking receipt and present it at the Parking Lot entrance again for free parking the same day. One remittance only per day.


There will be a $20.00 charge for the replacement of a lost or stolen Season Pass.


Admission is FREE for the whole season as long as the child is under three (3) on the day of the opening of La Ronde.


For safety reasons, it is an obligation that children under 12 years old be accompanied by an adult.


If you are 60 years old or more, you can pay the less than 54 inches price! I you are lucky and you look young, don’t forget to bring an identification card to prove your age.

Selfie sticks, monopods & similar devices

Selfie sticks, monopods and similar devices are not allowed on the site of La Ronde.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, La Ronde prohibits the operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on, from, or above La Ronde’s premises absent specific written consent. This includes all UAVs, also commonly known as ”drones”, regardless of their size, weight or purposes.


Anyone who commits theft, fraud or any offense under the Criminal Code on the grounds of La Ronde will be expelled without refund and / or will be prosecuted.

Any person who commits acts of vandalism or damage to the property of La Ronde (breakage, graffiti, etc.) will be expelled without refund and / or will be prosecuted.

Sale and solicitation are strictly prohibited on the property of La Ronde, unless given authorization by the administration of La Ronde.

Jumping lines is forbidden  and will result in expulsion from the park without refund. It is also forbidden to smoke in line or on rides.

Wearing a shirt and shoes are required at all times. Wearing masks and / or disguises are strictly forbidden at the park.

For  safety reasons, guests are not allowed in the areas reserved for employees.

La Ronde can not be held responsible for accidents or losses that may occur as a result of the use and condition of the park, rides, attractions, entry and exit of the park.

According to the law, the sale of tobacco and alcohol is allowed to persons 18 years and over only. Identification may be required.


In all cases of offenses, the offender may be expelled without refund and / or criminal and / or civil proceedings could be taken against it. In addition, denying access to the site could be served on the persons concerned.

For your protection, we use closed circuit cameras and video recorders. They contain all the evidence needed to sue offenders to justice.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check our page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Park Policies