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Code of conduct

Because La Ronde is a family Park, we expect Guests to behave appropriately. Violating our Park policies may be cause for ejection from the Park without refund. For more information, please review the Park policies below.


All Guests are expected to behave in an appropriate family-friendly manner. Unruly, disruptive or offensive behavior, including line-jumping and holding places in line, is strictly prohibited and may be cause for ejection without refund. Guests are not permitted to save places in line, bypass others in line or exit the line and return to the same place for any reason. Guests exiting a line must go to the back of the line if they choose to return.


In order to keep our park clean, we ask everyone not to throw wastes or anything else on the ground.

Dress Code

In keeping with our family-friendly environment, and for safety reasons, Six Flags enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn in the park at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing with offensive language or graphics are not permitted at any time.

Examples of clothing not permitted are those displaying:
• Profanity
• Pornography
• Graphic violence
• Support of drugs and drug use
• Gang symbols

• Hate speech
• Promotion of discrimination against any group.

Masks and hoodies with face covers are not permitted. Bathing suits are forbidden. Park admission may be denied if clothing are deemed to be inappropriate by management and the Guest refuses to conform to our policies. Shirts cannot be turned inside out as a solution.


Guests using profanity or abusive language, symbols or gestures, may be ejected from the Park without refund.

Line Jumping

Out of respect for other guests, line jumping is strictly prohibited. Guests are not permitted to save places in line for other guests under any circumstances, nor can they exit the line and return for any reason. Violators may be ejected from the Park without refund. It is also forbidden to smoke in line or on rides.

Smoking Policy

La Ronde is a smoke-free environment. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), is permitted only in areas identified as Designated Smoking Areas. These areas are identified by the presence of ashtrays, as well as billboards. It is also forbidden to smoke in line or on rides. Please refer to the Park map for exact locations of the designated smoking areas, click here.

Under Canadian and Québec laws, smoking is strictly prohibited by Guests under 18 years of age.

Illicit substances, alcohol and cannabis

The possession, sale and/or consumption of illegal substances (drugs) is strictly prohibited on La Ronde property. Any person who engages is such activity will be evicted from the park without refund or compensation and/or may be prosecuted. In addition, the sale and/or consumption of cannabis on or within a 9-metre radius of the La Ronde site is strictly prohibited.

It is also strictly forbidden to be in possession of alcoholic beverages other than those sold on the site or to be in possesion of cannabis. Anyone who shows signs of intoxication or impaired faculties and/or disruptive behaviour may be denied access to the site and/or expelled without refund or compensation.

(Bill 157: Cannabis Regulation Act)

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