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8 Signs You’re a La Ronde Super Fan

You may be turning into one of our biggest fans

Our La Ronde super fans know the park like the back of their hand. They eat, breathe, and sleep roller coasters and can never get enough of an adrenaline rush. Here are 8 signs you’re turning into one of our biggest fans.

1. You’ve ridden Vampire at least 27 times.
Only the biggest super fans have the guts to ride Vampire. If you ride this suspended looping coaster without fear on every visit, it’s a sign that you’re born to do this. Whether you rode it 27 times in one hour, one day, or one season – hit 27 and you’re classified a fanatic.

2. You have a room full of souvenirs at home.
Super fans have collected sports bottles, stuffed animals, lanyards, wacky hats, and all kinds of unique souvenirs over the years. Only the biggest enthusiasts dedicate an entire room of their house to displaying all their prized possessions.

3. You schedule other plans around park events.
Your friends know not to make plans when there’s a major event going on at the park. You’ve been there for every ride launch, every festival, and every Fright Fest we’ve ever hosted.

4. You know the fastest way to every ride without a map.
Our aficionados can navigate the park effortlessly. They know the back ways and quickest routes to every ride so they can experience everything during their visit. In fact, you know the ins and outs so well that other guests have started to follow your lead.

5. You’re greeted by name when you enter.
You’re basically a park celebrity. You come so much that you know and love all our employees, and the feeling is mutual. People celebrate your arrival and we should probably keep a spotlight on you all day long.

6. You spend every free minute at the park.
If you’ve got a day off, everyone knows where to find you. You’re usually the last person in the park at closing and the first one through the gates the next day. Even when you go home to sleep, you’re riding coasters in your dreams.

7. You celebrate every major milestone at the park.
Riding a roller coaster is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. You remember every birthday, graduation, engagement, and promotion by what rides you rode that day.

8. You know how tall every ride is.
You know the stats of all your favorite rides and use those numbers as your reference for everyday comparisons. For example, if you work in a 17-story office building, you know that you’re as high up as Goliath’s giant drop.

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