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New Fireworks Shows for 2019

The world’s most prestigious fireworks competition features eight all-new pyromusicals at La Ronde this summer. Join us for the 35th edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Québec as countries from around the world compete to light up the night skies with their dazzling displays.

June 29: Throwback 1985
Our 2019 program kicks off with a tribute to the year of 1985. Hands Fireworks puts on a throwback presentation set to the '80s music of David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Madonna, and more.

July 3: Dreaming in Montreal (South Korea)
Explore your childhood imagination in this pyromusical from Hanwha Corporation. Relive your dreams and fairy tales with fireworks set to music from Mary Poppins, Coco, La La Land, K-Pop, and much more.

July 6: One Step - Moon Dream (Italy)
Parente Fireworks Group introduces a stunning show that tells the story of timeless dreams reaching infinity. The amazing display creates the possible from the impossible through colorful bursts and melodies from the Ode to Joy, Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Lady Gaga, and Coldplay.

July 10: Stay Tuned (Portugal)
This unique pyrotechnic mashup from Grupo Luso Pirotecnia conveys a night of entertainment. The show highlights themes from TV shows of yesterday and today, including The Love Boat, Knight Rider, Star Trek, Narcos, and Stranger Things. There's also a one-of-a-kind floating structure created just for this performance.

July 17: Spirit of the Jungle (USA)
Atlas PyroVision returns to the competition with an energy-filled pyromusical of mankind. Stunning innovation and precision combine with a soundtrack of music from The Jungle Book, Tarzan, Black Panther, Disney’s Lion King, and RIO.

July 20: A First Walk on the Moon (Canada)
Celebrate the night when man first walked on the moon with a display by BEM Feux d’artifice. Go back in time with songs that have traveled well, like music from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, and David Bowie.

July 24: Shapeshifter (Australia)
Howard & Sons explores the world of mythology, folklore, and fiction. Experience a metamorphosis of lights and shapes that form pyrotechnic pixels in the sky.

July 27: 25 Years of Entertaining You in Style (Finale)
We’ll end the season with a bang - literally. Panzera & Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks takes you back through the past 25 years of the Casino de Montreal, featuring songs by famous artists from the French musical scene. Enjoy 25 songs from Simple Plan to Celine Dion, from Marie-Mai to Hubert Lenoir and Loud. As a special addition, Gregory Charles, who collaborated in the creation of the soundtrack of this show, will perform live on stage before the fireworks display.

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