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Fright Fest zombies

3 Wicked Halloween Animations to Watch this Fall

Our creepy Halloween happenings will thrill you to the bone. The ghouls come to life right before your very eyes to take over the streets with jaw-dropping music, shocking surprises, and wicked special effects. Be warned – while you’re distracted by the action, the zombies will be waiting right behind you ready to strike. Pick up a site map for show times.

1. Chainsaw Guys
Two maniacs with chainsaws will chase you around the park. They’re dying to complete their collection of freshly cut human meat. Be sure to run quickly to avoid their blood-dripping blades.

2. Percutrash
Our freakishly talented musicians will make you scream in awe. You won’t believe your ears as you witness incredible percussion. Their music is warning you of the danger ahead.

3. Demons
Our macabre demons rise from the grave to wreak havoc around the park. They’ll taunt, terrorize, and entertain you as they try to satisfy their thirst for terror.

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