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Bannière feux 2016 EN 1
Banniere feux 2016 EN 2

Word from the Minister of Tourism

International des Feux Loto-Québec is one of the flagship events that confirm Montréal's reputation as a festive city open to the world. This grand fireworks show, which sheds light on the talent and creativity of fireworks professionals here and abroad, allows festival-goers to experience magical moments and contributes to the effervescence of Québec's metropolis.

Benefiting the entire tourism industry while contributing to Québec's economic development, this colourful festival attracts thousands of participants every year and extends the destination's international outreach: a great success story in the field of Québec events!

We invite the Montréal population to turn out en masse for the world's most prestigious fireworks competition, and we wish visitors from Québec and abroad an excellent stay in Montréal.

Have a great festival!

The Minister of Tourism
and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region,

Julie Boulet