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Security and Investigation

If you’re looking for a job for the 2018 summer season, it’s time to fill in your application.  The deadline is March 3, 2018 for the first round though we will continue to take applications afterwards depending on needs. 

Customer service skills, excellent oral communication skills, courtesy and empathy, sense of responsibilities, good grooming and self-control.


  • Valid security agent licence delivered by the Bureau de la sécurité privée in a field related to the job sought (guard service or investigation)
  • Currently enrolled in a training programme or having completed a training programme in one of the following fields: police techniques, professional fireman or industrial security. Any combination of relevant training/experience may be considered.
  • Valid driver’s licence

Available positions:

The Prevention and Security Division encompasses all the persons working to ensure the physical safety of La Ronde’s guests and facilities. Agents are responsible for enforcing the park’s code of conduct and rules by interacting directly with the guests.

Depending on his/her experience and skills any person recruited for a position of prevention and safety attendant may also be assigned the following tasks:

  • On-site patrol and interventions
  • Bike patrol and interventions
  • Surveillance of main entrances
  • Surveillance of site entrances
  • Surveillance of fireworks launching platforms
  • External patrol


The main mission of the Protection of Resources Division is to prevent losses, obtain information, protect assets and repress wrongdoings.
To accomplish these tasks, the Protection of Resources Division relies on many key players which work consists at taking on this unique challenge.

  • Inspector (Guard Service Licence)
    The person in this position carries out several tasks, namely inspection, interviews of suspects or victims, gathering of information, court appearance and recovering of property.
    Assets :
    -Basic knowledge of various relevant laws, standards and regulations
  • Investigator (Investigation Licence required)
    The person in this position carries out the investigations, is responsible for information research and analysis, and the return of property.
    Assets :
    -Basic knowledge of various investigation techniques, laws, standards, Quebec Civil Code and Canada’s Common Law.



For the jobs concerned and mentioned in this section, you must bring a valid security agent licence at job interview or if it’s the case, applicants must provide a proof that their application is under review by the Bureau de la sécurité privée. Otherwise, applicants must apply for a licence with the BSP and obtain their licence before the beginning of the season. No work shift will be assigned without a valid licence.


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