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Have you ever wondered how gravity affects our lives? Gravity is one of the most important rule on Earth. Without gravity you would probably be flying in the air like an astronaut! Wouldn't that be cool to try?

Come aboard our great ride the Vertigo. Reaching a dramatic 50 feet in the air, you will be propulsed upside down in the air. Vertigo also features over-the-shoulder safety restraints and its unique seating arrangements allow passengers to interact with each other as they sit face to face soaring and swooping through the air.

The Vertigo's pendulum arms swing up… a little bit higher… then even higher… until you’re completely vertical! Wave to the people on the other passing shark before the momentum kicks in and you go full loop, tumbling in reverse back down the other side. This giant master of hypnosis is just getting warmed up. You’re in for seven full 360-degree loops in 90 seconds – meaning before you can even count to ten, you’ll be looping again. You’ll feel like the king of La Ronde from the top!

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

121.9 cm (48")

Flash Pass

Goes Upside Down
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