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Rides, family and carnival decorations
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LR New 2018


Carnaval en Folie is a brand new zone dedicated entirely to families, where sights and sounds come together with three brand new rides to create a fun and festive atmosphere inspired by fairs and carnivals of yesteryear.

Fun Fact 1

A dedicated place for parents, grand-parents and children of all ages.

Fun Fact 2

An immersive atmosphere extravagantly decorated with rich, bright colors, dazzling lights and festive music.

Fun Fact 3

Stepping up the thrills with Tourbillon, a dizzying new ride for thrill seekers in training.

Fun Fact 4

A fun-size ferris wheel, Petite Roue, for the best view of the Carnaval.

Fun Fact 5

Tour du fou, a new thrilling drop tower.

About La Ronde

La Ronde is the largest theme park in Eastern Canada. Inaugurated during Expo 67, La Ronde offers over 40 rides and attractions including Goliath — one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in North America. La Ronde also offers a colorful family section and Pays de Ribambelle.

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