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The Vampire Coaster is turning Backwards and the All-New Avenue Aventure Section offers Thrilling Family Fun 


Starting on May 21, the journey will begin with a 32 meter climb to the top of the lift hill.  Next, riders will soar beneath the track through five daunting inversions turning at speeds of up to 80 km/h per hour….backwards. Yes Backwards!

Avenue Aventure makes its park debut in 2016, providing fun and thrills for the entire family. The area will feature two new innovative rides. Phoenix, a flying scooter ride that puts guests in control as they soar against the wind and Gravitor, a fun adventure that lifts guests high above the ground at fast speeds! 

With family-packed fun, other highlights include:


  • 8 flying scooters
  • 2 passengers per scooter
  • High speed rotation
  • Interactive flying that appeals to all ages


  • Gravitor :

  • 1 suspended gondola
  • 40 passengers
  • Rotations at 36 km/h