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Providing thrills since 1985

You will never find a similar roller coaster elsewhere! Welcome aboard the Monster, which certainly has the most appropriate name in the roller coaster industry. The monstrous proportions of this wooden beast are legendary. 

Famed wooden roller coaster designer Wlliam "Bill"' Cobb designed this wooden masterpiece to please and inspire real thrill seekers. As you soar through the course of this beautiful and iconic legend, you will feel exactly what the designer intended. Although modern technology has brought new rollercoasters with impressive steel frames, roller coaster enthusiats are still looking for classic wooden rides.

Wooden roller coasters are known to be the first roller coasters to provide exhilarating thrills. Nowadays, many thrill seekers state that nothing compares to the feeling of a wooden track. 

The origins of roller coasters are still uncertain. Some say they first appeared in Russia and some say they were first built by the French. No matter when and where they first appeared, they are certainly known to be classic for fairs and amusement parks for a century. 

La Ronde is proud to provide you with a unique custom made roller coaster, the Monster. When riding the Monster, you will go through a series of drops of 40 meters and turns spiral that will leave you breathless as you move at a speed of 96 kilometers per hour. You might even experience airtime on some sections of the track. 

Cobb's roller coaster made of 1200 meter wooden rails has been providing thrills to riders for many generations since 1985.

By definition the Monstre is a Halloween feature. It is also the name of the tallest two-track wooden roller coaster in the whole world! Combine these two elements and you’ll live a hair-raising experience. Are you ready to face your fear when the roller coaster dashes on the track through a wooden maze of spirals and mega drops that will even make you experience airtime?

Make the fear factor go up a notch by boarding the Monstre when darkness falls. The Monstre will have even more fun at your expense because you won’t be able to brace yourself for what awaits you. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock a good dose of amplified big thrills. Fright is guaranteed! It’s Halloween time after all!

Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52”)

By The Numbers

William L. Bobb Ass. Inc.
Year introduced:
Top Speed:
96 km/h
131 feet
Track Length:
3,996 feet / 4,025 feet
Le Monstre
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

132.1 cm (52")
Location in Park: 

Near the Super Manège

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