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Get on board for a stylish tour around the park!

Get on board on this vintage mean of transportation called the Minirail!

While you are travelling aboard, you will get a fantastic view of the park as the train makes a round trip from the main entrance of La Ronde to the back of the park. You will get to see all the rides from an elevated point of view as well as our beautiful Marina. Don't forget to get a sneek peak of our stunning Dolphin's Lake.

Originally, the Minirail was part of the monorail system that ran through the World Exhibition held in Montreal in 1967. Today, the only remaining functionning section is at La Ronde. Get on board now!

Enjoy your journey while planning the rest of your day, discussing with your family and friends or simply admire all the stunning views our park offers! For those who might be exhausted, the Minirail might as well be the perfect calm and comfortable location where you could catch your breath.

By The Numbers

Maschinen, Fabeiv
Year introduced:
Top Speed:
10 km/h
Track Length:
5,500 feet
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
132.1 cm required for single boarding
Location in Park: 

Near the two entrances

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