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Drop of Doom VR on Orbite

The invasion of giant mutant spiders crawling all over the city, with creepy critters on your skin, plus a 100 story fiery plunge await on North America’s first-ever drop tower virtual reality ride, Drop of Doom VR. Become the pilot of a futuristic gunship under attack by your worst eight legged nightmare – creepy, gigantic, mutant spiders – through an intense and interactive battle and adventure. Wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets, powered by Oculus, you’ll encounter a high speed vertical ascent up 100 stories, while teetering off the edge of a helicopter. As you rise up, you’ll be traveling through a massive city with large skyscrapers around you, under siege by life-sized spiders. Prepare for a high-intensity gun battle against a giant arachnid, which is spewing baby spiders that are virtually crawling all over your body. Drop of Doom VR is available until September 4 only at La Ronde. Note that Drop of Doom VR will be closing one (1) hour before park closing. (Consult the park operating hours for more details.) Riders must be at least 52” tall to ride Drop of Doom VR, and at least 13 years old to experience Samsung Gear VR. We dare you to face your fears and engage in North America’s most intense VR experience yet.

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