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Take a closer look at Batman: The Ride. This unique ride experience will offer unparalleled fun as riders tumble and flip at unexpected points throughout the ride. We will continue to update this gallery as construction begins. Click the images below to see a larger version.

Terra Urus


The European brown bear is a subspecies of brown bear native to much of northern Europe and Asia, with smaller fragmented populations elsewhere throughout Eurasia including Romania, Greece, Turkey, and India. Due to their wide global distribution, brown bears are not considered endangered, though the fragmentation of Eurasian populations is concerning to scientists. Grizzlies and European brown bears don’t breed with one another because their habitats do not overlap, making them separate subspecies.

Black Bear Ridge


The American Black Bear is North America’s smallest and most widely distributed bear species, ranging along the east and west coasts, into the Rockies, down into Mexico and throughout most of Canada and Alaska. Males generally weigh between 200-500lb, though can reach past 800lbs. Females are typically smaller, weighing below 400lb. As they are smaller than other North American bears, black bears are adept climbers, though their ability to climb deteriorates with age. Though called “black” bears, this species’ coat can also be colored white, blond, light or dark brown.



Lions are the only truly social cat species, living in family groups called prides. Prides usually consist of one male with many females and their cubs, though it is not uncommon for there to be multiple males in a pride with a single dominant alpha male. Hunting is primarily conducted by females, and increased hunting success is one theory as to why lions evolved to be social. Male lions in the wild need to consume about 15 pounds of meat a day.


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