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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington’s Most Thrilling Rides

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Wave Warriors Wanted: Conquer the Coolest Rides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington

Dive into fun at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington! This Arlington water park is in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. You’ll find extreme water slides, towering thrills and plenty of fun for the whole family.

If you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping experiences, you’ve come to the right place! Aquatic roller coasters and ultra-fast slides will put even the bravest wave warriors to the test.

Wave warriors in training will appreciate the kid-friendly play areas, gentle lagoons and ample choices of treats and snacks.

With so much to do, it’s easy to forget to rest and relax! Be sure to let all your cares float away as you glide along the lazy river or relax by the shimmering blue waters of our fantastic pools.

But let’s face it—you’re a thrill-seeker and you’re here for the most daring slides and rides! These six extreme water slides are sure to give you the heart-pounding excitement you crave!

So, sit down and hang on tight—things are about to get a little crazy around here!

The Banzai Pipeline

Get ready to ride the Banzai Pipeline, where the fun never stops and the excitement never slows down! These slides will have you twisting and turning all the way down.  

Each slide is a whole new thrill, so pick your favorite and get set to splash and spiral your way to the finish line. You won’t want to ride just once—these slides are sure to have you coming back again and again.

Thrill level: Moderate | Minimum Height: 40 inches

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Der Stuka, Geronimo, & Dive Bomber

This towering titan is actually three water slides: Der Stuka, Geronimo and Dive Bomber. Whatever slide you choose, you’ll experience steep drops and that tummy-tingling free-fall sensation. These fierce slides are named in honor of legendary World War II attack planes. And just like the pilots then, you’ll need plenty of courage to conquer these seven-story free falls. They’re not just tall—they’re also shockingly steep and narrow, with just enough room for a daredevil like you.

Thrill level: Moderate | Minimum Height: 48 inches  

Tsunami Surge

Tsunami Surge is one of the reasons people say, “Never turn your back on the ocean.” This extreme water slide is as powerful as it is unpredictable. You’ll have little warning as you and a friend twist and turn down the 68-foot enclosed tunnel. The sheer force of water will make you feel weightless as you propel up and down the 40-foot wave slide from inside your raft. Stay alert! Incoming waves and sudden changes in the water will have you screaming for more.

Thrill level: Maximum | Minimum Height: 48 inches


Grab three friends and run for cover! If you’re brave enough to take on this ride, you’ll experience what it’s like at the center of an EF-5 cyclone. You’ll survive the Tornado from inside a specially designed four-person raft.

First, you’ll blast down a 75-foot drop, leaving behind a debris field of whitewater. Then your tube will whisk through a mysterious dark tunnel before plunging you into a colossal, 60-foot-wide funnel.

Look out for flying cows! You and your buddies will feel weightless as you’re tossed about the funnel’s towering walls.

Thrill level: Maximum | Minimum Height: 48 inches

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Black holes are one of the least understood and most feared phenomena in the universenot even light can escape their grasp. The Black Hole looms as large as the Milky Way Galaxy as you make your way to the 80foot top.

The blacked-out walls conceal the mysteries of space and make it impossible to see anything. You and your friend will have no idea where you’re going, or where you’ve been, as you gather speed through mind-bending twists and pivots.

Thrill level: Maximum | Minimum Height: 42 inches 

Wahoo Racer

Get ready, get set, go! Challenge your friends on the Wahoo Racer! This thrilling, multi-lane water slide is the largest of its kind in the world. It also holds the distinction of the most competitive Hurricane Harbor Slide, combining the twists and turns of a tube slide with a mat racer. Grab a toboggan and head for the finish line—loser buys lunch!

Thrill level: Maximum | Minimum Height: 42 inches 

Action-packed Excitement and Family Fun

Get ready for an action-packed day in the park at Hurricane Harbor! Our extreme water park is the coolest spot to beat the Texas heat. From heart-pounding slides and towering thrills to lazy rivers and relaxing coves, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, let the good times come to you! Plan your visit or snag a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington Season Pass today! 

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