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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Black Hole
Water Park - Guest Relaxing in Tube

Top Rides at Hurricane Harbor

Guests tell us about their favorite water park ride

Hurricane Harbor is the perfect place to make a splash and cool off from the summer sun. But with so many slides and play areas to choose from, how do you find the activity that’s best for you? We asked our guests to tell us their favorite attraction at the water park, and here’s what they said.

We found that many guests enjoy calm areas where the whole family can splash and relax together, like the Lazy River—where you can take a leisurely float along a river that cruises at 3 mph. Davina P. from Kaufman says, “It is so relaxing to just lay back and float your troubles away!” Nita A. from Red Oak agrees, “It’s great to relax, watch the clouds, and day dream as I float the Lazy River.” Ginifer W. from Clyde adds, “After doing the other rides and walking around all day, it’s nice to be able to lay back and relax.” What a great idea, Ginifer! Kate M. from Chireno enjoys relaxing throughout the park because “the general atmosphere puts you in a good mood and makes you want to go have fun.”

Edward G. from Carlsbad suggests another river cruise with a bit more adventure—Raging Rapids. He says, it’s “almost like going down the rapids in the Congo!” Debbie D. from Grand Prairie prefers Hook’s Lagoon Treehouse because “there are a lot of things that the kids can do in one area. I can relax in the sun while they play and get wet in the water.”

Other guests enjoy getting a thrill and speeding down our slippery slides. Yvonne W. from Fort Worth recommends our totally-enclosed The Black Hole because “being in the dark the whole ride makes every twist and turn surprising and fun.” Charles N. from Mansfield adds, “It’s unknown of what you are about to enter,” and Nicole M. from Phoenix explains, “Water + ride + dark = awesome!” Celese C. from San Antonio, on the other hand, enjoys free-falling six stories down Geronimo. She says, “It’s refreshing, relaxing, and an enjoyable experience.”

The Tornado, our 60-foot-tall slippery water funnel, is another top pick for our adventurous guests. As Scott S. from Arlington describes it, “Exhilaration of the thrill of the first drop and then swaying back and forth up and down the sides, in anticipation of dropping into the pool below.” That sounds like fun, Scott! Kevin V. from Houston also enjoys the Tornado because “it’s fast, it’s high, a lot of people can ride at once, and it’s very exciting with unexpected turns!”

What’s your favorite water ride at Hurricane Harbor and why is it your favorite?

What do you think?

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