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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
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Interview: Hurricane Harbor Lifeguard

D.J. tells us about working at the best water park in Texas

With slippery slides, splashy play areas, and lots of refreshing water, Hurricane Harbor is a great place to make a splash and stay cool this summer. We asked D.J., one of our lifeguards, what it’s like to work at the water park, and he told us it’s all about “having fun.”

Becoming a Lifeguard
D.J. has been a Hurricane Harbor lifeguard for three months. After taking a Principles of Health Science course at school, he decided he wanted to be an ER doctor. He tells us that being a lifeguard for the summer provides the same “sense of urgency” and opportunity to help people that he desires for the future as a doctor. He loves the responsibility and safety associated with the job. To become a lifeguard at Hurricane Harbor, D.J. had to complete 24 hours of training within two to three days. He practiced CPR and water skills, and then took a test to show his qualifications.

Fun in the Sun
D.J. tells us that he enjoys working at the park because “the people are fun and there’s so much to do.” If you’re searching for a family-friendly ride, he recommends Bubba Tub. The entire family can jump in an inner tube together and slide down a 300-foot course. Thrill seekers may enjoy free-falling seven stories down Dive Bomber—D.J.’s favorite ride and our newest extreme water slide at the park.

Safety at the Park
Despite the fun, we all know that the Texas summer sun can be blistering, and D.J. admits that working all day in the heat can be challenging. As a lifeguard, it can be difficult to watch all the guests cool off by catching a cool wave in Surf Lagoon, taking a relaxing float along the Lazy River, and splashing down our water slides. However, he overcomes the problem by simply taking his shirt off, carrying his lip balm, waiting for the wind to blow, and taking a one-hour break to sit in the shade or sneak in a dip in the pool.

While you’re having fun and cooling off from the sun, it’s also important to stay safe. D.J. tells us that he always carries his lip balm, eye drops, and a fanny pack to hold his equipment and keys. He also recommends wearing sunscreen. If you’re not a strong swimmer, D.J. explains that you should also wear a life jacket and “stay behind the designated red line in the wave pool.” Our park lifeguards are here to help you and make your visit as enjoyable and safe as possible.

D.J. shares a time when he had to use his rescue and safety skills: “I was shadowing a Deep Water Guard. A girl started to drown, and I had to jump in and swim to her.” He says another lifeguard also noticed and the girl was pulled into safety before D.J. reached her. We advise you to listen to our lifeguards at all times because D.J. and our other lifeguards are dedicated to making your Hurricane Harbor experience enjoyable, safe, and cool.

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