Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf

Someone put a wolf in charge of this ship!

The Sea Wolf was a famous old ship that sailed the rough seas with the spirit of adventure. Now you can brave the high seas on a super swerve-y raft voyage that’s all open-air, with high slippery walls. The sun will shine down on you as you maneuver the spray following a zig-zagging path, just like a lightning bolt shooting down from the sky.

Your over-sized raft has room for two, so grab a friend and get ready to howl with delight. You’ll shoot down this completely unpredictable slide with 830 feet of nonstop weaving turns and wavy slopes. Sudden curves are waiting for you around every corner. The course is so slick, you’ll slide up the walls as you execute each turn.

Banking up the walls is the really fun part – you’ll feel like a racecar on a curving track, steering in 3D with the handles of your tube for maximum wall-riding. Take control of the ride or it will take control of you. In fact, you’ll be zooming down these canyons so fast it might feel more like skiing through the slopes than rushing over water. Sailing, racing, skiing – this is one action-packed ride! Either way, you’re bulleting down at maximum speed.

The tubes of Sea Wolf are so slippery and fast you may even find yourself flipped around backwards and riding down headfirst, which doubles the thrill because you’ll have no idea what’s coming next! Just splash your team to the bottom, like a good captain should.

By The Numbers

ProSlide Technology, Inc.

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Under 48" must be accompanied by adult. 600 lbs. maximum weight

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