Family Rides

Family fun is what we're all about at Six Flags. So get ready to let loose and laugh. From the steepest slides to the relaxing pools, we've got plenty of rides you can enjoy together.

  • Near Oasis Island

    Minimum Height: 36"

    Skip across the water like a pebble after shooting down an ultra-steep 45 feet on your own personal toboggan.

  • Blue Raider

    Near Raging Rapids

    Minimum Height: 36"

    Get a partner and team up on a high speed raid down a 530-foot hybrid, half-enclosed, half open raft slide.

  • Boogie Beach

    Near Mega Wedgie

    Minimum Height: None

    Catch some rays at a mega-beach hangout, in a massive wading pool built for maximum chill.

  • Caribbean Chaos

    Near Raging Rapids

    Minimum Height: 42"

    Chug through 1,500 gallons of storm water on this winding open-air body slide.

  • Hook's Lagoon - Treehouse

    Near Peg Leg Pete's

    Minimum Height: None

    This ridiculously wet kid-zone has loads to climb on and splash, plus plenty of lounging area for mom and dad.

  • Hook's Slides

    Near Peg Leg Pete's

    Minimum Height: 42"

    Get hooked as you climb net ladders and then zoom down 4 twisting slides that land in a cool pool of water.

  • Lazy River

    Near Surf Lagoon

    Minimum Height: None

    Take a relaxing and scenic raft cruise down a lazy river, past the coolest neighborhoods in the Harbor.

  • Raging Rapids
    Closed for the Season

    Near Atlantic Panic

    Minimum Height: 36"

    This ride is closed for the season. Grab an inner tube and hurtle down a splashy river of whitewater rapids!

  • Suntan Lagoon

    Near Oasis Island

    Minimum Height: None

    A giant million-gallon pool is the ultimate hangout spot for sun lovers.

  • Surf Lagoon

    Near Lazy River

    Minimum Height: None

    The phenomenal million-gallon wave pool makes king-sized waves in an ocean of fun.

  • Surf Rider

    Near Boogie Beach

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Get your wave on in this mind-blowingly realistic surfing simulator you ride on your own boogie board!

  • Near Boogie Beach

    Minimum Height: 42"

    Ready. Set. Go! It's a race to the finish on our new one-of-a-kind two-tiered water slide!



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