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Six Flags Membership

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A Loyalty Program just for Members and Passholders!

Six Flags Members and Season Passholders will be able to earn free food, souvenirs, tickets and one-of-a-kind in-park experiences just for riding rides, seeing shows and having a great time at the park! Everyone who has a Membership or Season Pass now can join for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy Memberships

What are my benefits as a Legacy Member?

Your benefits have not changed so long as you’re in good standing of your Legacy Membership. You can view your benefits by logging in to the Guest Portal.

Does my Legacy Membership now have blockout dates in 2022?

No. As a Legacy Member, you are welcome to visit any day the park is open to the public.

Will there be changes to my Membership fee?

Not at this time.

How do I make continued payments on my Legacy Membership?

You will continue to make monthly payments in your Payment Portal.

If I put a security deposit down, when will I get that back?

When you cancel your Membership and all of your monthly fees are paid, we’ll return your security deposit to you in the payment method you provided it.

What if I’m a current Member?

If you are a current Member and are in good standing, you will be grandfathered into the Membership program and are now a Legacy Member. Meaning, because you purchased your Membership while we still offered that product, your existing Membership will continue to be honored so long as your account remains in good standing. We are thrilled to serve you as a Member and thank you for your continued loyalty.

What if I’m a Member but I want to purchase the same Membership for my family member?

While you are still considered a Legacy Member, grandfathered into the Membership program, you cannot purchase a new Membership for a family Member as this product is not currently available for purchase.

If I purchase a New Pass will I still have my Legacy Member benefits?

No. You are grandfathered into the Membership benefits that you currently have unless you decide to cancel your membership and purchase a New Pass. Only then will you be switched over to the new passes.

What if I accidentally cancel my Legacy Membership and still want to be grandfathered in?

Contact the Six Flags National Call Center.

Do I get my red Member bottle every year?

You are entitled to a new drink bottle each year for so long as you remain a Legacy Member.

Do I still have access to the Member Lounge?

Where available, parks with Member Lounges are still open for Legacy Members.

Do I still get Member waterpark seating?

Diamond, Diamond Elite and Diamond Elite VIP Legacy Members will still have access to Diamond level waterpark seating reservations.

Do I still get preferred parking?

Diamond, Diamond Elite and Diamond Elite VIP Legacy Members will still have access to Diamond level Preferred Parking every visit with a reservation. Platinum Legacy Members will still get to experience Preferred Parking one time with a reservation.

Do I still get invited to Member events?

Yes. Appreciation Days will still be held for Legacy Members.

How do I still get Member benefits?

As a Legacy Member, your benefits have not changed and you still have access to them in your Guest Portal.

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