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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
New Jersey
King Cobra
King Cobra
Guests tubing down King Cobra

King Cobra: An Intense Water Slide

Racing Tube Slide Provides Intense Thrills

At five stories tall and painted in bright colors, it’s hard to miss the newest racing tube slide that will made its home in Hurricane Harbor in the summer of 2012. As you ride along the back of King Cobra, you’ll twist and turn before being swallowed by the gigantic fang-bearing snake.

The bold red, black, and white scales make King Cobra the extreme sight of the summer. The 250-foot-long snake takes riders on a slithering adventure. First, you’ll hop into a two-person inner tube at the top of a 50-foot tower. You’ll then race another pair of riders through a circular path with twists and turns as you slide through enclosed and open sections of the slide at speeds up to 32 miles per hour.

As you approach the finish line, you’ll plunge down a 25-foot drop at a 50-degree angle and slide towards King Cobra’s head and fangs, where he’s spitting water out from his mouth, waiting for the chance to swallow you.

King Cobra is manufactured by Polin and marks the company’s first major U.S. installation.

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