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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
New Jersey
King Cobra
Guests tubing down King Cobra
King Cobra

King Cobra

The King of Snakes Takes a Bite… Of You!

Yeah, you could call it a racing tube slide. But this one-of-a-kind monster would prefer you call him King. Just the sight of this thing will give you the shivers. It’s 256 feet of red and white scaly mega—snake, towering 56 feet in the air. It's huge and impressive just to look at, so imagine how it feels to ride. First, race your friends on the twin tracks of coiled tail, in a raging blast of full-tilt thrills over the scaly surface that lines the inside of the slide.

But let’s get to the showstopper: the mind-blowing cobra head feature. After you’ve built up crazy speed moving through the beast’s body, you’ll get shot out and up the enraged cobra’s open hood. You never realized how slippery those things were before, but you will now, as you bullet right up into this enormous snake’s mouth! You basically get swallowed whole by a giant deadly snake head, about 10 times the size of your body. The momentum plus intense slippery-ness will have you sliding up and back under the massive cobra head over and over, just barely in reach of his killer fangs. You’ve never seen, or ridden, or been bitten by, anything like this before!

King Cobra does not accommodate guests in single tubes weighing over 220 lbs. or guests in a double tube with a combined weight over 440 lbs. 

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