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Hurricane Mountain

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This Action is Hurricane Strength!

With whipping wind and fierce surf, when that mighty storm blows in you know you’re about to get seriously wet. These six slides are all named for famous hurricanes, and whether you choose a tube or toboggan style, you’ll be feeling the ferocious power of those wild storms.

From a height of over five stories, each stunningly swift course offers a fully unique ride experience. The slides are ranked just like the storms they’re named after, but you’ll have to be ranked for bravery to face any one of these demons.

Mickey is a Category 1. Oh, just a 1? I can handle that, you’ll say. See if you still feel that way after the twisting orange beast deposits you down a sudden steep drop at the end.

Nellie is a Category 2. Her ridiculously wound&emdash;up purple course is covered all the way to the bottom just to make sure you have no idea where you’re going the entire time.

Lola is a Category 3. This blue behemoth is humpy and bumpy the whole way down, and you won’t have a moment to catch your breath.

Bertha is also a Category 3, and her red covered route is a dizzy&emdash;making tight spiral.

Finally, get ready to face the two ranked Category 5, Agnes and Marge. These two are toboggan slides, and once you send your toboggan up a special conveyor belt to the top, find the separate entrance to get to these extra high, extra fast, extra wide green and yellow tracks.

Okay, you made it through the storm, but don’t relax just yet. At the bottom of every slide, a one of a kind, ultra high tech electronic sensor figures out when you’re coming through and completely drenches you with a water gauntlet. As if you haven’t already been through enough!

Ride Info