Thrill Rides

Looking for hydro-powered thrills? Well, you've found them. In fact, you've found some of the tallest, fastest, wettest, craziest water rides in the country.

  • Near Wavepool

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Extreme bravery is encouraged when riding this snake’s nest of four record-setting slides.

  • Located on Black Snake Summit tower

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Wait in the launch tube for the trapdoor to spring open, sending you on a 6-story adventure!

  • Lightning Falls

    Near Lost Temple Rapids

    Minimum Height: 48"

    This trio of raft courses’ have walls so slick you’ll be banking hard just to stay afloat.

  • Lizard Lagoon

    Front of park near Lizard Lagoon

    Minimum Height: 48"

    An epic collection of turbo slides, featuring ultra-twisted routes, inclouding the new Python Plunge.

  • Taboo Tower

    Near Black Snake Summit

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Escape from the ancient ruins of this giant tower via three spectacular plunges, including a 65-foot drop.

  • Tiki Falls

    Near Wavepool

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Tear down three totally different raft slides and get shot out of the mouths of giant tiki statues!

  • Tornado

    Back of park near Bamboo Racer

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Raft down a 132-foot tunnel into a gigantic funnel in the most original water thrill imaginable.





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