Taboo Tower

Taboo Tower

One way up, three ways out.

You might look all the way up at Taboo Tower and think that’s a long way to climb up, just to race back down. But that’s the thing about cool old ancient ruins – you never know when you’re going to need to escape in a big hurry. That’s why there’s only one way up but three mindblowing slides to choose from to get out.

Secret Passage is a twisty enclosed tube that delivers high speed, sharp spiral action, before a final swift straightaway. This is a great slide if you’re in a hurry, because you’re going to shoot to the bottom fast, which comes in handy if you’re escaping evil ancient ruins. This ultra-fast ride is definitely not for slow-pokes.

Daredevil’s Plunge is a super steep drop slide that will take you from 65 feet in the air down a mind-blowingly fast 300-foot path, straight as an arrow. You’ll be taking this one at a 45 degree angle, which means you’ll mainly be touching air the whole way down.

For something totally different, Escape Chute is a long bumpy run that will give you some serious airtime on the way down that feels like flying. As fast as you just got down from Taboo Tower, you may find yourself turning right around and climbing right back up.

By The Numbers

65 feet
300 feet on Daredevil Plunge

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