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The newest, best way to enjoy Six Flags.​

The Six Flags Membership program features the greatest value, the best benefits, and the most unique experiences we’ve ever offered on one pass. You’ll get all of the benefits of Season Passes PLUS a variety of special features we’ve never offered before such as unlimited soft drinks, preferred parking, up to 50% off almost everything, and much more.

Already a member? Login to the Member Portal to view all of your benefits, purchase tickets for friends, redeem with your Six Flags Membership Rewards points, and more.

Monthly Membership

Unlimited visits with 50 exclusive special benefits.

With a Six Flags Membership you’ll get unlimited visits to the park PLUS up to fifty unique, valuable benefits that make every visit to Hurricane Harbor Chicago amazing. It’s the best way to enjoy Six Flags! Sign up for a monthly Membership today and you’ll pay no signup fees or processing fees!










Membership Levels

Choose the level that’s right for you.

There are four levels of Membership ranging from Gold Plus to Diamond Elite — the more you invest, the more you’ll save each and every time you visit the park!


Gold Plus Level


Platinum Level


Diamond Level


Diamond Elite Level

All of the benefits of our BEST Season Passes

Membership Rewards

Earn points and free stuff for having fun!

Admission to 26 theme parks and waterparks

Discount on almost all candy & merchandise

20% off

25% off

30% off

50% off

Discount on almost all food & drinks

5% off

15% off

35% off

50% off

Discounts on VIP tours, THE FLASH Pass, Picture Passes, Dining Passes, Cabanas, and more.

Member-Only Appreciation Events

Unlimited soft drinks every visit

Digital ride photo

One Photo

Two Photos

Two Photos

Diamond Preferred Parking every visit

One Time

Skip ONE ride line every visit

One Time

Diamond Area Waterpark Access

Priority Water Park entry

Free S’More Kit at Holiday in the Park

Premium seating at shows

Free Fright Fest Haunted House

Skip TWO ride lines every visit

Double rides on paid attractions every visit

Fright Fest Wristbands every visit

Diamond Elite upgrades every visit

Season Membership

All of the benefits of Membership for the 2020 Season

With a 2020 Season Membership you’ll have unlimited admission, all of the benefits of our best Season Pass, plus exclusive bonus benefits, events and upgrades only available to Members.










Membership Rewards

A Loyalty Program Just for Members!

We’ve launched an incredible new loyalty program just for our Members! Six Flags Members will be able to earn free food, souvenirs, tickets and one-of-a-kind in-park experiences just for riding rides, seeing shows and having a great time at the park! Everyone who signs up for a Membership now can join for free.

Six Flags Membership Rewards is free for all Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite Members living in the US who are over the age of 12. Members must have their own email address to participate. For full details about eligibility, check the program rules.You must have a Six Flags Membership to participate.

There are a LOT of different ways to earn points — some of which can be earned through virtually no effort on your part. But before you can earn any points you MUST have a Six Flags Membership and you MUST register for Six Flags Membership Rewards before you can earn any points (it’s a legal thing).

Here are just SOME of the ways Members can earn points:

Visiting the Park: You’ll get 50 points every day you visit/enter our park! You’ll get bonus points every time you visit other Six Flags parks.​

Riding Rides: You can earn 3 points for every ride you check in to with our mobile app. Pro tip: You don’t actually have to go on the ride to check in to it!​

Seeing Shows: You’ll earn 6 points for each participating park show you check in at.​

Buying Stuff: You’ll earn 25 points for every dollar you spend in the park at most shops and restaurants.​

Entering Contests: You can earn bonus points for participating in and winning various online and in-park contests.​

Doing Other Stuff: In addition to the above, we’re going to award plenty of points for doing other things like reading our newsletter, taking surveys, and much more!​

Six Flags Membership Rewards is a new, points-based loyalty program where you’ll get 50 points each time you visit the park; 3 points for every ride you go on and 6 points for every show you see. You’ll also get 25 points for each dollar you spend at most in-park restaurants and shops, and bonus points for participating in contests, taking surveys and even reading the park newsletter!

Members can choose to spend their points on a wide variety of Six Flags rewards, ranging from pretzels to VIP guided tours of the park, to free tickets for friends. To keep things interesting and fun, we’ll rotate the rewards in and out so there is always something new and fun to choose from. Some of the awards include:

  • VIP Parking
  • Fright Fest Haunted Maze Passes
  • Food Discount Vouchers
  • Sling Shot Experience
  • Preferred Parking
  • Giant Pretzels
  • Character Dining Experiences
  • Bags of Candy
  • Private Character Meet & Greets
  • Dip-N-Dots
  • Shopping Discount Vouchers
  • ICEEs
  • Cabana Rentals
  • Cotton Candy
  • Free Friend Tickets
  • Free Games
  • Park VIP Tours
  • Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks
  • All Day 50% Off Diamond
  • Discounts
  • Tube Rentals
  • Go-Kart Experiences
  • Churros
  • Exclusive Member Merchandise
  • Exclusive Bottle Holders
  • Souvenir Popcorn Buckets
  • Ride/Character Photo Prints

Cashing in your points is easy. Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to….just kidding. You can redeem your points instantly and at any time through either the Member Services portal or the Six Flags mobile app. You choose the reward you want from the list, click “Redeem” and you can immediately use your reward at the park.

You can learn more about Six Flags Membership Rewards either through Member Services Online or from the Six Flags Membership Rewards information page.


Answers to the questions we get most about our membership products.

What is Membership

If I buy a Season Pass at one Six Flags park, can I activate it at another?

No. You must activate your Season Pass at the park you purchased it from. For example, if you purchase a La Ronde Season Pass you cannot use it at any other Six Flags theme parks until you first pick up your Season Pass ID card at La Ronde.

If I purchase a pass today when can I use it?

You will be able to use your Season Pass after it’s been processed at the park during before the end of the 2021 season.

How do I process my Season Pass ID?

After you purchase your Season Passes online you will be provided with a printed “voucher” which will give you access to the park. To “process” your Season Pass, just bring this voucher with you to the park. When you get to the turnstiles they will give you instructions depending on the type of pass you purchase (usually it takes just a couple minutes).

What is a Season Pass? Why would I want one?

A 2021 Season Pass is a multi-use admission ticket that allows you to visit the park as many times as you like whenever the park is open. It may be used any beginning on the day it is purchased up until the end of the 2021 operating season (check the park’s operating schedule for details).

In addition to unlimited admission, Season Pass Holders receive a variety of special benefits including discounts on in-park purchases, free tickets for friends, exclusive ride times and more.

Because a Season Pass usually doesn’t cost much more than a single ticket, a Season Pass is worthwhile purchase if you can picture yourself visiting the park at least twice over the course of the year.

Is a Season Pass a good value?

If you can picture yourself visiting the park at least two times between now and the end of 2021, a Season Pass is a better value than purchasing individual tickets.

With a Season Pass you’ll receive:

Unlimited visits to park when it is open
Free tickets for friends
Exclusive ride times
Free admission to other Six Flags parks
Hundreds of dollars worth of in-park savings
Lots more — check the product listing
Depending on whatever sale is going on at the time, you may be able to purchase a Season Pass for less than twice the cost of two tickets to the park. Which means that as long as you visit at least twice you will save money vs. buying regular tickets.

How long are Season Passes valid?

A 2021 Season Pass is valid all of 2021 season, including during Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.

Membership Benefits

How do I redeem all of my new Membership benefits?

Each benefit is different. Some benefits, like discounts on food, candy and merchandise don’t require any planning at all – just show your card at the register when you place your order or start your transaction and you will be given your discount. Other benefits, like certain upgrades and add-ons, must be purchased online through the Membership portal. In every case the instructions will be clearly laid out for you.

Do Gold Plus Members get any Bring a Friend Free days?

Yes. Gold Plus Members receive all of the same Bring a Friend Free days as Gold Season Pass Holders. These dates are published in the park newsletter and in the Membership Portal (and in the Six Flags Mobile App) at least a couple of months in advance.

Where can I see a list of all of the benefits?

Are my Membership benefits valid at every Six Flags park?

Most of your Membership benefits are valid at every participating Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor you visit. See the Membership Guide for details.

Are the discounts on-time-only or every visit?

Unless otherwise specifically indicated, Memberships discounts are valid every time you visit.

Can I bring friends for free to other parks?

Free friend tickets may only be used at your “home” park (the park where you signed up for your Membership).

Where can I view all my Membership benefits?

All of your Membership benefits will be displayed in your Membership portal at OR you can view them in the Six Flags Mobile App once you register your Membership with the app.

Membership vs Season Pass

Should I buy a Season Pass or a Membership?

If you think you’ll visit the park at least once this year and at least once next year, then you definitely want to become a Six Flags Member. You will save a ton of money right off the bat off the cost of admission, and depending on which level of Membership you choose, you’ll save a lot of money in park too. You’ll also have a much better time. Only Members can get preferred parking, or unlimited soft drinks, or up to 50% off EVERYTHING they purchase in the park. Season Passes do not receive any of these benefits.

If you’re pretty sure that you only want to visit the park this year (and not next year) and you don’t care about any of the benefits mentioned above, then a Season Pass is likely a better value for you.

Tell me in one sentence why I should buy a Membership instead of a Season Pass.

Become a Member if you want admission and parking at every Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, discounts EVERY time you visit, free upgrades, priority entry, and incredible unique experiences, bonuses and surprises. And special treatment. Plus you get a shiny card that looks WAY prettier than the regular Season Pass card — the Diamond card even has a hologram!

Why do you offer both Season Passes and Memberships?

Season Pass and Membership represent different ways to enjoy the park.

Season Pass Holders are primarily looking for an admission product that lets them visit the park as many times as they like (with a few special perks thrown in) while Members are looking for a “total Six Flags experience” that includes admission, parking, food, merchandise, games and everything else we have to offer.

Is Membership an add-on to a Season Pass?

No. Membership is a separate pass. When you sign up for a Membership you receive all of the same benefits as a Season Pass, plus a number of additional benefits.

Signing up for membership

Will you charge me a processing fee every month?

No. You’ll only pay our standard online processing fee once, when you initially sign up. When we charge your credit card for future payments you will not be charged a processing fee.

How will I pay for my Membership each month?

The process is entirely automatic. You’ll sign up with your credit card, debit card or Paypal account and we will automatically charge you every month. We will not send you a monthly bill that you have to pay.

Will I be able to change the payment method I have on file?

Yes. At any time you can log into your account and update your payment information. Any changes you make will usually be active immediately. You can access your account anytime from our website.

Is there an initiation fee?

There are no signup or initiation fees to join our Membership program if you sign up during this sale.

We do charge online processing fees for purchases made online, however.

Will I be charged a processing fee every month?

No, you will not be charged a processing fee every month.

Actually, for Members, if you add-on additional products or upgrade your Membership to a higher level we will not charge you a processing fee for those transactions.

Can I pay a yearly fee instead of monthly?

We do offer a Season Membership for those who want them. These can be found on the individual Membership product pages (for example, the Gold Plus Season Membership can be found on the Gold Plus Membership page).

Season Memberships include all of the same benefits as monthly Memberships, except that they automatically expire at the end of the season.

What is the difference between a security deposit and non-security deposit Membership?

At the time you sign up for your Membership you can choose to provide us with a security deposit. This is not the same as a down payment: when you pay someone a down payment they keep it — when you provide us with a security deposit we eventually give it back to you (provided that you’ve paid us all of your Membership fees and meet your obligations as described in the Membership agreement). The vast, vast, vast majority of people who choose to provide us with a security deposit get it back when they cancel their Membership.

Members who choose to provide us with a security deposit generally pay less than those who don’t opt to provide us with a security deposit. However, other than the monthly fee being a little different, everything about the security and non-security deposit Memberships are exactly the same.

Can I buy a Membership from any Six Flags park?

Yes, but bear in mind that you must activate your Membership at the Six Flags park you purchased it from.

Most Membership benefits are valid at all Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor parks. However, a very limited number of Membership benefits (such as free tickets for friends) are only valid at your “home park.” Discounts on food, merchandise, tickets, tours, etc are valid at all parks. If you have a Diamond or Diamond Elite Membership your skip-the-line benefit is usable at any/all Six Flags parks.

When is the best time to sign up for a Membership?

Today is the best day to sign up for a Membership.

OK, maybe not “today.” But there will never be a better day to buy a Membership. Unlike Season Passes which go on sale at various times of the year, we’ve structured our Membership program so that the monthly price is always the lowest it will ever be. As far as we know right now, you will never find a Membership priced lower than it is today (plans could change of course, but we honestly haven’t discussed lowering the price more than it already is. These prices are as low as we feel comfortable with).

With that said, while the price won’t go down, it will definitely go up. We don’t know when. Probably not today or tomorrow, but at some point we will likely raise the price.

What happens after I sign up for a Membership?

You’ll immediately receive vouchers at the end of the transaction you can use to visit the park.
When you get to the park, they’ll let you in and they’ll either provide you with your card and ancillary items or they will send you over to Member Services to pick them up.
You’ll register online at so that you can get to all of your online benefits and keep track of special Member events.
That’s pretty much it! Your Membership will be valid immediately after you complete your initial signup.

How do security deposits work?

It’s very straightforward. When you sign up for your Membership you can choose to provide us with a security deposit or not. If you do we’ll charge the security deposit to your credit card and hold on to it until you cancel your Membership. If all of your monthly fees are paid up and you’ve essentially lived up to your side of the contract, we’ll return your security deposit to you in whatever fashion you provided it to us.

The vast, vast, vast majority of Members receive their full security deposit back when they cancel.

The only difference between a “security deposit Membership” and a “non-security deposit Membership” is that those who provide security deposits pay a slightly lower monthly fee than those who choose not to provide a security deposit.

When do I need to pick up my Membership card?

You can activate your Membership at the park whenever you like. The only requirement is that before you can use your Membership to visit other parks you must first activate it at the park you purchased it from.

Some of our Season Pass promotions have specific requirements about visitiation — for example, to receive a “free upgrade to Gold” you might need to visit the park by a certain date. Memberships do not have requirements like this.

Does the Membership fee change over time?

Your Membership fee will remain consistent from one month to the next.

We of course reserve the right to raise our monthly fees every once in a while. However we will not raise your fees during your initial 12 month commitment and if we do raise your monthly fee we will give you plenty of notice to cancel (if that is what you want to do).

Our web price for Memberships — that is, the price that new Members pay — is definitely subject to increase over time. Unlike our Season Passes which regularly go on sale at different times of the year, we have already reduced the cost of our Memberships to the lowest possible level and do not plan to have Membership “sales.”

How many payments are there?

There is no set number of payments. You can cancel any time you want after the first 12 months.

Unlike other theme parks which offer payment plans, a Six Flags Membership is a monthly program like the YMCA, your Netflix account, or any of the various other programs that get paid month to month. While there is a 12 month initial commitment, you can cancel any time you like after that.

Is there a down payment?

No, there is no down payment on a Membership.

You can, if you choose, opt to provide us with a security deposit which will lower your monthly Membership fee. However, at the end of your Membership (when you cancel) we will return your security deposit back to you (nobody ever returns a “down payment”) provided that you’re all paid up on your monthly fees and you’ve met the requirements of your Membership agreement (the vast, vast, vast majority of Members receive their security deposit back).

There is no initiation fee for joining the Membership program (unless of course you count our standard processing fee, which gets charged for all online orders, whether you buy tickets, Season Passes or Memberships).

On what day of the month will you charge my credit card?

We will charge your credit card on the same day each month that you signed up.

So if you signed up for your Membership on June 15, then your next payment will take place July 15, and then August 15.

How will I pay for Membership every month?

The process is entirely automatic. You’ll sign up with your credit card, debit card or Paypal account and we will automatically charge you every month. We will not send you a monthly bill that you have to pay.

Membership Addons

How long does a Member Dining Pass last?

Membership Dining Passes have a minimum of commitment of 12 months, and then you can cancel them anytime that you like.

Can I buy a Season Dining Pass with a Membership?

Members can buy either Season Dining Passes or Member Dining Passes.

Member Dining Passes are available at a discount to Members at the time you sign up for your Membership. If you are contemplating a Member Dining Pass, your best bet is to sign up for your Member Dining Passes at the same time (if you wait until later you will have to go through a complicated process.

You will be asked if you want to sign up for a Member Dining Pass during your Membership signup process.

Season Dining Passes may be added to your Membership at any time. Members do not receive a discount on Season Dining Passes.

How do I buy a Member Dining Pass with my Membership?

Member Dining Plans may only be purchased through the Membership signup process. If you already have a Membership, you may use the “Upgrade” feature in the Online Member Services section to sign up for Member Dining. Please note that Member Dining is not the same as Season Dining — special offers that apply to Season Dining Passes do not apply to Member Dining Passes, and special discounts/offers applicable to Member Dining Passes do not apply to Season Dining Passes.

What is a Member Dining Pass?

A Member Dining Pass gives you either lunch and a snack (with a Basic Dining Membership) or lunch, dinner and a snack (with a Deluxe Dining Membership).

About Membership Benefits: The representation of our Membership benefits that are shown on this page are summaries ONLY. Every benefit has limitations and restrictions which are NOT shown here but still apply. If you have any questions about the limitations, restrictions or considerations related to any benefit please contact Member Services. A complete list of limitations and restrictions may be found in the Member Services Portal. Most benefits may be used at any Six Flags branded theme park or Hurricane Harbor that participate in the Membership program, subject to availability. Waterpark Diamond area access, Diamond Preferred Parking and some other features require advance reservations to be made through the Member Services portal. Some benefits are only available at theme parks, while others are only available at waterparks. For example, skip the line passes are available only at our theme parks and NOT at our waterparks. Discounts and benefits may not be combined with any other discounts or benefits. Some benefits may be limited by park, ride or restaurant capacity. Some benefits may be available in limited quantity, in which case they will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Benefit packages are subject to change at any time, without notice. If a benefit is removed we will always endeavor to replace it with something of comparable value. One-time benefits are “replenished” at the beginning of each calendar year (unless of course the benefit is removed entirely). Valid Email Address Required: A valid email address is REQUIRED to receive many of your benefits. Six Flags will never share your email address without your consent and will only use it for park-related correspondence. For members of your family under the age of 13, please enter a parent/guardian’s email address. Children 2 years and under are free. Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice. Service fee apply only to your initial order (we do not charge service fees on your monthly payments). Some concerts and non-Membership related special events require an upcharge. A Membership provides unlimited visits and access to most rides but does not include free food, games, shopping, additional fee attractions such as go-karts and Skycoasters, premium Fright Fest haunted attractions and some concerts, shows and special events EXCEPT as specifically described in your Online Member Handbook. Please note that Season Dining Passes and Member Dining Passes are two different product. Special offers on Member Dining Passes do not apply to Season Dining Passes, and special offers on Season Dining Passes do not apply to Member Dining Passes. NOTE: All-Season THE FLASH Passes may not be combined with Diamond and Diamond Elite free THE FLASH Pass level upgrade.