Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Gurnee, IL

Tsunami Surge

World's Tallest Water Coaster

Are you ready to brave something unlike any other slide in Hurricane Harbor?

This-state-of-the-art water attraction will be the tallest water coaster in the world towering over 86 feet high, using water-blasting jet-propulsion technology for lightning fast uphill speeds and adrenaline-pumping drops. The thrilling, new coaster will propel riders through 950 feet of slides and tunnels at a speed of 42 feet per second. Tsunami Surge will feature new, AquaLucent visual effects that create mind-blowing bursts of colors and dreamlike patterns, intensifying the ride experience as guests race through the tubes for a sensational finale. Tsunami Surge will be the waterpark’s 25th attraction and is scheduled to debut during the 2020 season in the Riptide Bay area of Hurricane Harbor.  

Tsunami Surge highlights include:

  • A world record-breaking height of 86 feet;
  • An incredible 950-ft. long and 8 stories high;
  • Speeding riders through twists and tunnels at over 28 mph;
  • Three gravity-defying uphill blasts using water to propel riders over 950 feet of enclosed tunnels and open air slides;
  • Five winding hairpin turns;
  • Five breathtaking drops; and
  • A unique ride experience with AquaLucent effects.

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Hurricane Harbor

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